City of Norfolk Hurricane Matthew Storm Prep

October 7, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Additional City crews will work over the weekend checking storm water pumps, cleaning storm drains and providing emergency assistance to residents.

York Street Parking Garage 215 W York Street opens at 5:00 p.m. today through Monday October 10th at 12:00 p.m. for free parking on higher ground. In addition, residents can park at the following school lots:
* Community Beach Park – 700 E. Ocean View Ave.
* Crossroads School – 8021 Old Ocean View Road
* Granby High School – 7101 Granby Street
* Norview High School – 6501 Chesapeake Blvd.
* Willard Model School – 1511 Willow Wood Drive
* Poplar Hall School – 5523 Pebble Lane

To report downed trees, call the Norfolk non-emergency number (757) 441-5610.

For power outages and downed power lines, call Dominion Virginia Power 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357)

As a reminder, do not drive or play in flood waters.

For Norfolk storm-related updates and information, sign up for Norfolk Alert by clicking on the link at the bottom of the City’s website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @NorfolkVA

Thank you and have a safe weekend.

Carlton Ray Ransom
Senior Neighborhood Development Specialist


Terminal Boulevard improvements are coming!

March 12, 2015
Terminal Blvd

Terminal Blvd

It was reported at the Wards Corner Task Force meeting on March 12, 2015 that the City has been working with the State, the Port, and the Navy to improve the entirety of Terminal Boulevard.

All of the concrete roadway will be torn up and replaced.  The decision has not yet been made as to whether the new roadway will be concrete or asphalt.  Construction is expected to begin in March of 2016.

The City will be covering 1.75 million of the total 9 million dollar project.  The remainder will be covered by the State.

A temporary traffic plan is being worked on and, when complete, will be presented to the residents and civic leagues.

Largest purchase of Denby Park properties completed by City of Norfolk

October 10, 2014
Denby Park properties to be purchased by City of Norfolk. YELLOW highlighted properties are to be purchased in 2014.  RED highlighted properties were purchased in 2013. BLUE highlighted properties were purchased in 2011.

Denby Park properties to be purchased by City of Norfolk. YELLOW highlighted properties are to be purchased in 2014. RED highlighted properties were purchased in 2013. BLUE highlighted properties were purchased in 2011.

The Texas streets portion of Denby Park has, in the past, been referred to as the criminal cancer of Wards Corner.  The City of Norfolk is completing steps to finalize its third purchase of property in that area in an attempt to rid it of the substandard housing that attracts the criminal element.

The most recent purchase includes 88 units on San Antonio Blvd.  The addresses are: 352 San Antonio, 366 San Antonio, 369 San Antonio, 375 San Antonio, 7816, 7820, 7824 San Antonion, and 7812 San Antonio.

The city’s Department of Neighborhood Development is inviting the public to attend a community celebration on October 21, 2014 at 4:00 PM at 352 San Antonio Boulevard to celebrate the purchase and eventual demolition of the 88 additional units in Denby Park.

Expect brief remarks made by elected officials and members of the community.  Police/Fire-Rescue will be on hand cooking and serving food and refreshments so bring your appetite.


FY2015 Budget and Wards Corner

April 23, 2014

City Manager Marcus Jones presented his 2015 City Budget last night to City Council.  It is a whopping 652 pages.  You can view it on the City of Norfolk website here.  I have also put a copy on Wards Corner Now’s servers for download (17MB, PDF).

The following are sections of the budget that I found to related to the greater Wards Corner area:

Terminal Blvd

Terminal Blvd

Repair Terminal Blvd. Concrete Pavement. (page 493)
Project Description:  Provide funds to rehabilitate failing concrete pavement along Terminal Blvd. The roadway consists of a reinforced concrete surface that was built by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in 1973. It carries over 6,000 trucks in each direction daily. The total cost to repair the road by replacing sections of concrete is estimated at $7.0 million, $3.5 million for each side of the road. This project is partially funded through the VDOT revenue sharing program at 50 percent of the total project cost.

This budget proposes  $1,750,000 in 2015 and $1,750,000 in the 2016 budget.


Implement Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan (NP) (page 531)
Project Description:  Provide funds to support activities outlined in the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan. Funding for this project also supports land acquisition, infrastructure improvements, and redevelopment initiatives that allow the strategic revitalization of the area in accordance with the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan. Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) will provide support to this project in an effort to meet the goals of the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan.

Marcus proposes $1 million in this 2015 budget for the Wards Corner plan.  We can assume that this money will go to the continued efforts to purchase and remove the blighted properties in and around Denby Park.

Prior year budget allocations:
2010: $1,010,000
2011: $1,767,500
2012: $1,000,000
2013: $1,000,000
2014: $1,000,000

Coming soon: A new Granby Street bridge?

Coming soon: A new Granby Street bridge?

Repair and Replace Bridges – Major (page 495)
Project Description: Provide funds for the replacement, repair, upgrade, or demolition of key bridge structures that are in significant stages of deterioration. FY 2015 funding will be used for the replacement of Pescara Creek Culvert, Spotico Creek Culvert, design of Granby Street Bridge  over Lafayette River, and the rehabilitation of the Botetourt Street Pedestrian Bridge

This proposed budget allocates $1,000,000 to the above bridge repair and replacement.  Included in that allocation is money for the design of a (new?) Granby Street Bridge.

The current span was built in 1979.  It is 992.1 feet long and handles about 30,000 vehicles per day.  It was last inspected by VDOT in October of 2012 at which time the deck condition was rated as Satisfactory and the Super & Sub conditions were Fair.


Wards Corner votes to support Meadowbrook Civic League

February 25, 2014

meadbrookOn February 24, 2014 the Wards Corner Civic League held their regular monthly meeting at the Fitness and Wellness Center.  On the agenda was a discussion of the proposals for, and possible redevelopment of, the Meadowbrook School.

After a discussion among the members, a motion and a second were made to support the Meadowbrook Civic League’s position as printed in their online petition:

· A minimum of 1.5 acres of the site will be permanently designated as a City owned and maintained park (OSP zoning), preferably fronting the 1600 block of Trouville Avenue, with adequate off-street parking for park users.

· Fire station No. 12 may be relocated to the western-most 1.5 acres of the site, provided the building’s architecture is compatible with the adjacent Meadowbrook residential area, all traffic ingress/egress is via Hampton Blvd. or W. Little Creek Rd., and sufficient noise abatement measures, vegetative screening and on-site parking are provided.

· A maximum of 1.5 acres of the site may be reused/redeveloped as single-family homes, provided these homes are primarily brick-faced, have adequate off-street parking, and are zoned R-5, in keeping with the majority of adjacent homes in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. As a condition of sale, the City shall require the developer(s) to enter into a development agreement and deed restrictions, restricting the zoning, use, height and facing as described.

The vote was unanimous in favor of support of Meadowbrook Civic League’s position and a letter of support will be forwarded to the City.

You can review the developers proposals and send in your own comments to the City by going here:

You can sign Meadowbrook Civic League’s petition be going here:

You can follow Meadowbrook Civic League on Facebook here:

Sidewalk concerns addressed with new Harris Teeter shopping center

June 25, 2013

Concerns were expressed at the last couple of Wards Corner Taskforce meetings about the sidewalks along Granby Street and E. Little Creek Road surrounding the new Harris Teeter Shopping Center being developed by Suburban Asset Management.  The sidewalks, in the past, were abutted up to the street and seen as a safety and aesthetic issue.  The preference was to push them a couple of feet back from the street to allow for a grass verge.

Representatives of the City of Norfolk and Suburban Asset Management met to address the citizens concerns and the following agreement was made:

1-Granby Street – there will be a 5 ft sidewalk and a 5 to 6 ft grass verge between the sidewalk and the curb. 

2-Little Creek – sidewalk will be 6 ft wide. There will not be a grass verge due to the tight space and the preference for landscaping behind the sidewalk. 

Dominion Virginia Power will be removing and replacing the sidewalks as a part of their efforts in burying the power lines in the area.

City Manager proposes less money for Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan

April 17, 2013

The City of Norfolk has posted its proposed 2014 fiscal year budget to the City of Norfolk website.  Disappointingly the City Manager has only proposed allocating $750,000 to the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan.   That is the least amount of funding allocated to the Wards Corner Plan since 2007.

Year                   Allocation for Implementation of the W. C. Plan
2014                  750,000 (proposed)
2013                  2,000,000
2012                  1,000,000
2011                  1,767,500
2010                  1,010,000
2009                  2,121,000
2008                  1,010,000
2007                  505,000

Wards Corner Now, the Wards Corner Task Force, and the various civic leagues in the Wards Corner area have been resolute in their request that neighborhood plan funding be used to purchase and demolish the blighted and crime inducing properties in the Texas streets section of Denby Park.  In recent years the City has been successful in purchasing 37 units in 2013 and 68 units in 2011/2012.

Additionally, the proposed 2014 budget includes $500,000 to  provide for the design and construction of improvements to the Granby Street and Louisiana Drive intersection.  This is a part of the intersection improvements required by Harris Teeter for the new shopping center in the business district.

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