Uncle Louie’s Restaurant, Wards Corner, Norfolk, VA

Many thanks to Louis Eisenberg for digging up some old photos of Uncle Louie’s Restaurant which closed almost 10 years ago at Wards Corner.  More can be found at the Uncle Louie’s Restaurant Alumni and Friends Facebook page.

You can read a copy of the Uncle Louie’s Restaurant Menu from March 2005 here (PDF).


4 Responses to Uncle Louie’s Restaurant, Wards Corner, Norfolk, VA

  1. sepiaroses says:

    Bringing back ALL the memories!

    I grew up in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, near the Wards Corner area first six years of my life), and ‘Uncle Louie’s’ was like that ever-present part of my childhood. Always there, taken for granted by me, so it was like a real shock when after I’d moved away from VA, I had read it had closed. I literally thought it would be there for years to come!

    To this day, I remember that classy black & gold, art decor-style decor. What a wonderful restaurant it was.

    • sepiaroses says:

      ‘ art decor-style decor’

      Oops! I mean ‘art DECO-style decor’. Typing too fast, LOL!

  2. Uncle Louie’s Bar and Grill had many facets and was a welcome alternative to fast food and grocery store food as well as having excellent food with meeting places. I am not aware of any establishment that fulfills the foot print that it once had. Since its closing, I have not found any establishment that even comes close to what I experienced there.

  3. Heide says:

    Nice memories for me too. However, I’d really rather be making NEW memories there. When Uncle Louie’s closed, it left huge holes in our community dining, deli and pub experience.

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