Delegate Paula Miller appeals to the City for senior property tax relief

April 30, 2008

The following email on the subject of senior property tax relief was sent by Delegate Paula Miller to the City Manager, Mayor and Council:

From: Paula Miller/HDel/HOD
Sent by: Delegate Paula Miller/Laptop/HOD
Date: 04/29/2008 09:49PM
Subject: Del. Paula Miller on Senior Tax Relief

Dear Mayor Fraim, City Manager Williams and Members of City Council:

As you prepare the budget for presentation and passage I hope that you will commit to including the additional Senior Citizen Tax Relief that was approved this winter by the General Assembly.

My bill (HB270) was rolled into HB1503 and raises the income eligibility restrictions for tax exemptions for senior citizens and the permanently disabled from $62,000.00 to $67,000.00 for Norfolk residents, effective July 1, 2008.

As you’re well aware, property tax increases are still of major concern to all Norfolk residents and since the Homestead Exemption was killed in the Virginia Senate this is one piece of additional tax relief that we can at least provide to our qualifying seniors and disabled residents in Norfolk.   A number of folks have asked me when they can expect the income limit to be raised as a result of my bill.  I have promised them I would be making the request of city council.  The relief is available but the legislation is permissive.  PLEASE help ensure additional relief for these seniors by raising the income limit on July 1, 2008. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Delegate Paula Miller



“Best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150”

April 30, 2008

I just received the following email from our 3rd Patrol Division P.A.C.E. Officer Lietenant Roger Hungerford concerning the murder of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox on Beverly Avenue last Thursday night:

As a follow up to the Beverely murder I am hearing that a lot of people think this is a gang initiation or a random act. I can tell you it was neither. As is common with most murders, this had some underlying factors that tied the killer to the suspect. The best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150 that was used by the killer. If anyone saw anything related to the murder (especially any license info) that night and has not been reported, please urge them to contact PD. They can contact me 613 8593 or 423-4448  Officer Jackson or Hubbard (823-4478).



Lt Roger Hungerford





Winn wins Virginian-Pilot endorsement, Hester gets dissed

April 29, 2008

The Virginian-Pilot endorsed Councilman Barclay Winn for another 4 year term while refusing to endorse Councilwoman Daun Hester for some of the following reasons:

Hester was named vice-mayor by her colleagues and then ousted, has cast a series of dubious votes, and exhibited at least one troubling ethical lapse.

When she threw her support to her friend Alphonso Albert for a high-profile city job, her colleagues were unaware that he was once a violent felon before turning his life around. The result was an unnecessarily polarizing embarrassment for everyone, including Albert, who deserved better.

She lost the confidence of her colleagues on City Council, and her position as vice-mayor, after trying to scuttle the long-delayed plan for the direct election of mayor, something citizens had demanded for years.

Hester seems, even after so many years in office, insensitive to the obvious potential conflicts of representing a company trying to do business with the Norfolk Public Schools.

The Virginian-Pilot was not impressed by Hester’s opponent enough to throw him their support; therefore, they endorsed no one in Ward 7 for council.

Barclay Winn was endorsed by the Virginian-Pilot for these reasons:

Winn has been asking hard questions about why commercial assessments haven’t kept pace with soaring residential real estate values and what can be done about it. That disparity, over the past few years, has essentially shifted a heavier portion of the tax burden onto homeowners. In other words, where other politicians talk about taxes, Winn digs into the system and figures out how to make it more responsive.

If Wards Corner has not been transformed by the series of changes fostered by Winn and his allies, it has been changed in dozens of little ways over years, one storefront, one apartment complex, one piece of infrastructure at a time.

He has been a strenuous supporter of Norfolk’s downtown revitalization, although not a blind one, and has brought smart business sense to the council’s work. Winn has earned re-election.

It is very interesting that the editorial staff of the Pilot mentioned Wards Corner twice in its endorsement. Councilman Winn represents dozens of neighborhoods from Downtown to Ocean View. Maybe our work in the Partnership is paying off.

Wanted poster for the Beverly Avenue Murderer of Lt. Todd Cox

April 28, 2008

Below is a PDF file of the wanted poster for the murderer of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox. Please print and distribute among your neighbors and post in your businesses.

Wanted Poster for Beverly Avenue Murderer

Beverly Avenue Murderer Wanted Poster


Denby Park resident found dead in Chesapeake

April 28, 2008

The Virginian Pilot is reporting on a Denby Park resident whose body was found in a tarp in Chesapeake.

The body of Lisa Area L’Minggio, of the 300 block of San Antonio Blvd., was discovered by construction workers about 11:15 a.m., according to Chesapeake police.

The cause of death is still under investigation.

Information surfaces on the suspect of the Beverly Avenue murder

April 28, 2008

From a source that must remain  anonymous, we have gotten a sketchy description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving when he murdered Lt. Todd Cox. The suspect is a black male driving what was described as a green Ford F-150. It is doubtful that this murder was gang related as only one individual was involved. Motive has yet to be determined. As new information arrives, it will be posted on

Police continue to pursue leads in murder of Naval officer

April 27, 2008

Pilot Online reports that there still is no arrest in the murder of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox on Beverly Avenue.  Lt. Cox was shot at point blank range. The murderer continued to fire bullets into Lt. Cox after he fell to the ground. This murder took place as Lt. Cox was walking with his fiance and two children.

A funeral Mass for Lt. Cox will be conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church  located at 6400 Newport Ave. in Norfolk.

The family has asked that memorial contributions be made to the United Cerebral Palsy Association, 1660 L St., NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.

Police Identify Beverly Avenue Murder Victim

April 25, 2008

Pilot Online  reports that Norfolk Police have identified the Beverly Street murder victim as 40-year-old Navy Lieutenant Todd M. Cox of the 500 block of Talbot Hall Road.  Lt. Cox was walking with his fiance and two children when he was gunned down. He died with multiple gunshot wounds.  This tragedy has affected two of our Partnership neighborhoods, Ellsworth and Talbot Park.

Murder In Ellsworth Across from DePaul Medical Center

April 25, 2008

Pilot On Line reports there was a murder in the 100 block of Beverly Avenue in the Ellsworth neighborhood of our Partnership. Ellsworth is located across Granby Street from the Depaul Medical Center. Police were dispatched at 8:09 P.M. There is still no news on motive or the suspect(s).

Transportation Secretary to Headline Town Hall Meeting in Ocean View

April 24, 2008

Delegate Paula Miller (87th District) and Senator Ralph Northam (6th District) will host a joint town hall meeting on Monday, April 28, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the new Mary D. Pretlow Anchor Library, located at 111 W. Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk.

 Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer will be the keynote speaker.  Delegate Miller and Senator Northam will seek citizen input on proposals for transportation funding prior to the General Assembly’s upcoming special session on transportation.


Residents of the 87th House District and 6th Senate District are invited to attend.


For further information, contact aides Emily Zak (Paula Miller, 587-8757) or Tom Anstrom (Ralph Northam, 818-5172).

Greater Wards Corner Partnership meeting this Thursday, April 24th, 7:00 p.m.

April 22, 2008

Greater Wards Corner Partnership Meeting

201 E. Little Creek Road  (next to Kroger) Rooms 202 & 204

Thursday, April 24 2008,  7:00 p.m.



1.  Introduction

2.  Pace Report

3.  Announcements

4.  Guest Speaker:  William W. King

                                                Headmaster and President

Norfolk Collegiate School

5.  Taskforce Update

6.  Committee Reports

A.  Codes and Public Safety

B.  Development Committee

C.  Beautification Committee

D.  Public Infrastructure Committee

E.  Public Relations Committee

F.  City Connection Committee

7.  New Business

        A.   Discussion of Two New Goals

8. Meeting Adjourned

April Civic Connection

April 21, 2008

The Civic Connection is produced by the City of Norfolk on a monthly basis. Below are some highlights from April’s edition.

City Council Action:

Adopted an ordinance to purchase properties located at 1210 and 1227-29 West Little Creek Road—Properties of Elko Associates, LC. This agenda item authorizes the purchase of properties located at 1210 and 1227-29 West Little Creek Road. The properties are owned by Elko Associates, LC. The negotiated purchase prices are based on the appraised values of the properties and the owner’s willingness to vacate the premises, at his sole effort and expense. The purchase of these properties is in support of the Wards Corner Plan Task Force recommendations.

These properties are being purchased in support of the Titustown Recreation Center for adjacent parking and the retail businesses along the West Little Creek Road corridor. The closings for the purchase of these properties would occur in two phases.  Closing for 1210 West Little Creek Road would occur as soon as possible following Council approval subject to funding appropriated for FY08. Subsequently, closing for the purchase of 1227-1229 West Little Creek Road would occur after July 1, 2008, based on appropriation of funding for the purchase price.

The negotiated purchase prices for the properties are based on the total appraised value of $2,200,000. The agreed purchase price for 1210 West Little Creek Road is $960,000. The purchase price of 1227-1229 West Little Creek Road is $1,440,000, subject to funds to be appropriated for FY09 and available for closing after July 1, 2008.

The purchase of these properties by the City is in support of the Wards Corner Plan. Therefore, it is recommended that the City Council adopt the attached ordinance which authorizes the City Manager to negotiate and execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement and the appropriation of funds to cover the agreed purchase prices and other costs of the transactions.

Wards Corner Civic League invites you

April 20, 2008

The Wards Corner Civic League invites you to a Candidate Forum on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 6:45 at the Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center.

Candidates for Ward 6, Councilman Barclay Winn and Jack Stiles, have been invited to attend.

Norfolk Police Captain McBride transfered

April 15, 2008

I just received the following email from Norfolk Police Captain Wayne McBride:

Good afternoon,

 As many of you already know, certain members of the command staff are being rotated, I’m returning to the First Patrol Division, and Captain Steve Gallagher will assume command of the Third Patrol Division effective tomorrow. I just wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank each of you for your relentless support. Working together we accomplished much! Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you in the future. 


Godspeed to Captain McBride and much gratitude for all you have done for The Greater Wards Corner Partnership.

Graffiti !! What you should do when you spot it

April 7, 2008

From the Bureau of Community Outreach –




Graffiti Abatement Pilot Program


Why Should I Report Graffiti?
Removing graffiti promptly significantly reduces the chance of reoccurrence.

A speedy report followed by cleanup makes repeat offenses less likely, and gets our community looking better right away.

Vandals will know that the community is watching.

How Do I Report Graffiti?
If you spot graffiti, call the Graffiti Hotline at 757-664-6510. Be prepared to provide a street address of the “tagged” property.

Report all crimes in progress to 9-1-1!

What Happens Once I Report Graffiti?
The property owner will be contacted and advised of the problem, and the steps they can take to have the graffiti removed. 

Photos and reports will be taken, and consent form (applicable in the TAG-OUT area) completed.

For more information Click Here



Galina Burley, Bureau Manager
Bureau of Community Outreach
400 Granby, 4th floor
Norfolk VA 23510

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