Help Norfolk determine best use of Waterside

Bob Batcher, Norfolk’s Public Relations Manager, has asked that we post the link to the Waterside Market Place Survey on our website. Help Norfolk determine the highest and best use for this public space.


3 Responses to Help Norfolk determine best use of Waterside

  1. Paula Perdue says:

    Take it back to what it was like when it opened. We used to love to spend a Saturday or Sunday shopping and having lunch or dinner and walking outside along the river.

  2. mitch hensley says:

    I worked at Waterside back when it first opened, I managed “A little Cheesecake and Goodies”, it was a keoske at the foot of the escalators. It used to be a fun place to spend the day shopping, eating and exploring. It was a real treat for out of town guests. Perhaps the original Waterside theme should be revisited. Filling it with unique affordable shops and eateries always seemed to be the better idea than having it filled with a few problem causing establishments and alot of empty slips.

  3. Pearl Windle says:

    I have to echo the remarks of the previous posts. I too fondly recall the afternoons and evenings of shopping and eating at waterside. Unfortunately, the present economy has forced many of these small and mid size shops to go out of business. In addition, it is my understanding that many of these shops were subsidized by the city. So since many of the city funding sources are being stretched. Where does subsidizing Waterside fit in the Norfok budget? What market analisis have been conducted for the development of this area? ODU marketing students would be a good resource for this research. If this has already been done please provide a link to the results.
    Thank you, Pearl

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