Norfolk develops a new address driven database

Check out this new feature on the City of Norfolk’s website – Address driven database, full of information about Norfolk properties that we have been requesting for years – type in any address in Norfolk and get tax assessment info, school info, municipal services, planning, public safety, city services, lot dimensions off map, code enforcement cases, (current and historical) etc.. 

  Click the below link:

and then click Norfolk Address Information Resource under the “Norfolk Air Tab”  on left.


7 Responses to Norfolk develops a new address driven database

  1. Thanks so much; this is great info to have and not very intuitive as to how to find it on the city’s site.

  2. Dan McGrath says:

    Great site! Everyone should check it out. If not just for information, but to check the accuracy of your city assessment.

  3. Love the Norfolk Air site. I hope that this site will soon contain criminal activity information for specific addresses as well.

  4. Pearl Windle says:

    Very interesting. I encourage everyone to check it out for yourself. In comparing my property to one of my neighbor’s, I have discovered that I have been overcharged for some time!
    This is such an obvious error. I will appeal. Glad to finally have this information available.

  5. I’ve been visiting AJ Gators for years and they run a respectable restaurant operation. My friends and family frequent and enojy their clean establishments often for good food and fellowship. This Wards Corner venture would
    bring positive revenues back in to the Norfolk economy. This is a class act restaurant. establishment.

    I’m all for bring the” Gator” to Wards Corner!!

  6. Mark Anderson says:

    Um, the new Norfolk AIR site doesn’t seem to actually do anything… except cycle through a handful of background photos when you try to do queries. Is it not finished, down, or just not compatible with IE6?

  7. @Mark, works just fine.

    You can find instructions for downloading and upgrading Internet Explorer here:

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