Barbara Saunders to kick off her campaign for Ward One City Council seat on March 14th

 Barbara Saunders will kick off her campaign for the Ward One Council seat  being vacated by the retiring Councilman Don Williams  on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at the Ocean View Baptist Church Social Hall located at 9504 Selby Place. There are presently three other candidates vying for the Ward One Council Seat, Attorney Andy Protogyrou, retired police officer Chuck Brewer and Ocean View artist, Paul Trice.


3 Responses to Barbara Saunders to kick off her campaign for Ward One City Council seat on March 14th

  1. John Knight says:

    Best of luck Barbara! Barbara has been very active and engaged in Wards Corner. She attended our last GWCBA meeting as well as previous ones and generally seems to care about our plight. Her actions have spoken even louder as she and her business have contributed to our projects in the recent past. I know that Barbara also shops at Wards Corner in my business and many others. For these reasons, she has my full support.

    John Knight
    Owner- Book Exchange

  2. Elyse Kalfus says:

    Barbara Saunders is by far the best candidate for Ward 1 and Wards Corner. Barbara has been engaged and involved and has more experience in what has been going on in both areas. She has attended our Greater Wards Corner Partnership meetings as well as Business Association meetings and been very active in her own Ocean View Business Association and Civic Leagues. Barbara is and has always been an involved member of the community, no coaching required. As a small business owner in Ward 1 and her own experience with the workings of city government I find these qualities make her a valuable asset to us as our Ward 1 Council Representative.

    Elyse Kalfus, President
    Greater Wards Corner Business Association

    • Erik says:

      Dear Elyse Kalfus,

      I would believe more of what you had to say if you used better grammer. I am currently doing research on whom I should vote for. What evadence do you have to support Mrs. Saunders being the better canidate? I understand your opinion but you did not support it.



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