Titustown History

September 15, 2022

Attached below in PDF format is a pamphlet titled “Titustown A Community of Negro Homes”. It was written by William Anthony Aery and printed in 1915 by “The Press of The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute” in Hampton, Virginia. The article was likely written earlier than 1915 as it is a reprint from “The Southern Workman”. This pamphlet is currently housed in the Lincoln Collection of the Kansas City Library.

An excerpt from the pamphlet: “Midway between the sandy beach at Ocean View, on the Southern side of Hampton Roads, and Norfolk, a rapidly growing Southern metropolis, there has been developed, in the heart of a rich, farm-trucking region, an attractive Negro community, called Titustown, in which all the people own their own homes and not a single renter is found.”

Some of the homes and buildings pictured in the pamphlet are still standing in Titustown today!


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