Protogyrou hits the ground running

Councilman Andy Protogyrou

Councilman Andy Protogyrou

Councilman Andy Protogyrou heavily campaigned on the promise that he would work to revitalize Wards Corner and he has wasted no time pushing the issue.

At the July 13, 2010 City Council meeting, Mr. Protogyrou made an oral and written request to the City Manager that there be a meeting scheduled with Mr. Protogyrou and a representative of NRHA, Economic Development, City Planning, and the City Attorney’s office.

The text of the request:

The Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan (2004) is approximately 6 years old.  In that time, changes have resulted in demographics, the economy overall, and city finances in particular.

However, I believe opportunity still exists for major change in the plan area.

As we have a Wards Corner Task Force where stakeholders meet on a regular basis, I request a meeting of City Hall stakeholders as an educational tool for myself.

Therefore, I kindly request a meeting with NRHA, Economic Development, City Planning and perhaps the City Attorney’s Office to brief me and examine our past, present, and future in Wards Corner.

I would like to meet in the CIty Council Conference Room, and questions will be particularized for each department by me before they arrive to afford adequate time to prepare.

Mr. Protogyrou wants his constituents to know that if you need him, he can be contacted at or 633-6607.

The written request can be found here.


8 Responses to Protogyrou hits the ground running

  1. J Griffey says:

    Thank you, Andy, for listening to your constituents and acting on our behalf to gain the Council’s attention to this valuable piece of the City!

  2. Lynne Barrett says:

    Way to go, Andy! It’s time to restore Wards Corner to it’s original “Times Square of the South”!

  3. Henry Ryto says:

    Kudos to Councilman Protogyrou for handing out his e-mail address in such a manner. In the recent past here in Virginia Beach, it was virtually impossible to get individual Council e-mail addresses.

    On the contrary, Andy wants you to e-mail him. It’s in my address book.

  4. John C. Marshall says:

    Wow, it turns out that I made the right decision to attend a Saturday morning meeting! It was great to hear Councilman Protogyro and residents talk about current and future Wards Corner. Thank you, Mr. Protogyro, for your open communications and representing me with your leadership in discovering Norfolk’s development plans for Wards Corner. I appreciate you.

  5. Lynn Roth Taylor says:

    Andy, what and intelligent and effective request. I hope
    the meeting goes well and continues to be civilized and
    productive. We are all so glad you are working for us.

  6. S. Classick says:

    Thank you, Andy. This is long overdue. Restoring this once beautiful corner would be so good.

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