Op-Ed: Fed up in Denby Park

We live in Denby park.  If you stand in our drive way and look down to your right, you will see a beautiful tree lined street, the trees bloom beautiful in the spring.   The yards are kept up and the homes charming.  People walk their dogs, kids play in their backyards.  Neighbors know and take care of each other.

If you turn and look the other way you will see  run down apartment buildings on Galveston. People sitting outside drinking beer, yelling and loitering.  If you looked at night you would likely see a young lady or two walking up and down the street offering her services.  You would be brave to cross from our side to the other side.  We just don’t do it.
My children cannot ride their bikes, play out front and climb those beautiful blooming trees in the spring, and we sure can’t leave our doors or cars unlocked.  We are awakened by gun shots and sirens on a weekly basis it seems.

City of Norfolk, you disappoint me. When we were looking for a home we found this charming 5 bedroom, we were told the projects were coming down, the city installed cameras.  4 years later, we are still waiting.  We have witnessed no improvement.

Wards Corner has so much potential.  While I am excited about the upcoming improvements I think the city is wasting their money until they deal with Denby Park.  It just festers like a boil in the community.  IF I had my wish they would tear it down tomorrow and build a nice park complex or new homes.   We are tired of the excuses, we are tired of a slum lord that keeps passing by.  Why are these projects still here?

So Norfolk, I would appreciate it if you would come and tell my children the reason they can’t play in their own front yard safely is because the city keeps finding excuses to fix this problem.  Please tell them that you cannot keep their street safe enough for children to play outside.  Please don’t tell me again after a group of teens almost robbed my child of his bike and I stupidly chased them down into the ghetto that there is nothing you can do about it.  Please tell my neighbors who were robbed point blank at 7 am in the morning last year that it happens.  Stop making excuses and clean it up already.

-Tricia in Denby Park.  Tricia asked that her last name be kept anonymous to protect herself and her loved ones.


7 Responses to Op-Ed: Fed up in Denby Park

  1. V says:

    It’s not just Denby Park. I live in Suburban Park and I have to constantly deal with trash in my yard and people blowing their horns or screaming after leaving the new club. I thought all of that would have changed once Nutty Buddy closed but it hasn’t. The entire area needs an overhaul and I hope one day your children will be able to ride their bikes and climb the tree in peace!

  2. j griffey says:

    Please come to the Wards Corner Taskforce meeting on the second Thursday at 830AM in Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center. Please copy this, mail or EMail to Councilpersons Barkley Winn, Dr Theresa Whibley, Angelia Williams, City Manager Marcus Jones and Mayor Paul Fraim. Voices need to be raised and accountability needs to be given….this has been ongoing for 11 years.

  3. Elyse Kalfus says:

    The city doesn’t do anything because we have “NO MONEY”, yet the new court complex will go up and now we are looking into the Waterside improvements. We should be selling Waterside because the city can not afford to rebuild and maintain the property, and the citizens of this city can not afford to carry that burden. This city has managed to chase away large tax paying business and all their tax burdens fall on the home owners. Are area has 4 councilmen and the Mayor and we get little or NO money allocated to do what need to be done here, I think that says a whole lot for how much they care; because five out of the eight is a majority.. If they really wanted change we would have change, all we get is lip service. It is time to change our City Council, or maybe we could all just do like Paul Riddick and not pay out taxes until we got services in out area.

  4. John Knight says:

    This is a great letter Tricia. It is a truly sad situation that your kids have to grow up in such a situation. My heart goes out to you and others going through this. I pray that the situation there is improved and soon.

    -John Knight

  5. jinnie says:

    I so feel your pain. I moved to denby park 20 years ago it was a nice quiet working class neighborhood with mostly retired people. then the city decided that east ocean view belonged to millionaires and bulldozed it. since then all i have heard is the flushing sound of norfolk using our neighborhood for its toilet. it wont be too long and im just gonna walk away. after paying a mortgage and taxes for 20 years i couldn’t sell my house for what i paid for it even if i wanted to. it sure is nice to have the government to rely on. that is if you are a parasite and not a producer.

  6. Dal Paull says:

    That letter perfectly describes your hope, your frustration and fear, and a very real sense the city of Norfolk leadership has not done its job. It’s sad you are at a last resort–asking for a basic sense of decency and conscience to support your family and neighborhood.

  7. wtf23505 says:

    All of these issues that have been brought up are the exact reason why me and my family will be leaving this area come summer time. I’ve waited to long for something to be done. It’s not just Wards Corner. It’s hampton Roads as a whole. I feel that my family will be better of moving west. My patience has run out.

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