“Norfolk poised to buy parcels of land” – Virginian-Pilot headline

Jill Nolin at the Virginian-Pilot wrote an article that was published today, January 16, 2013, indicating that the City of Norfolk is preparing to purchase blighted properties in Wards Corner and Ocean View.

The city is poised to spend millions in the coming weeks as it buys the former Travelers Inn in Ocean View and more property in the Denby Park area of Wards Corner as part of plans to revitalize struggling neighborhoods.

City officials were tight-lipped about the proposed Wards Corner deals, but Martin Thomas Jr., vice president of the Wards Corner Civic League and a member of the city’s planning commission, said residents have been pushing the city to focus on the 300 block of East Little Creek Road and the so-called “Texas streets” behind it.

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In the current budget, city officials allocated $2 million for acquisitions in the Wards Corner area.

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In Wards Corner, the city is looking to clean up the Denby Park area. The city has finished its negotiations, but a deal has not been completed, said Councilman Andy Protogyrou. He declined to comment further because of the “sensitivity of the process.”

Winn said city officials want to further reduce housing density in the area by targeting sites with apartment buildings. Last year, seven buildings in the 300 block of San Antonio Blvd. were torn down on property the city acquired for $2.7 million.



2 Responses to “Norfolk poised to buy parcels of land” – Virginian-Pilot headline

  1. jinnie says:

    i just wanted to leave a reply to thank whoever it is maintaining this site. it does get monitored and i for one thank you for it.

  2. Shelley Lester Johnson says:

    i grew up on el paso ave and munden ave, both in the proposed redevelopment area. hardworking families with children who played in the streets and went to school and church together. i watched the commonwealth of virginia dismantle this neighborhood for the building of interstate 64 in the sixties. i have sat in on NRHA meetings concerning this area for the past 40 years. my heart has broken watching this area die a horrible slow death. lots of plans, lots of talk, lots of excuses. it was not just some parcels on a map. it was once a nice place to raise a family. i firmly believe that nothing will ever be done. we were forgotten and now all that is left is to humilate a memory, tear it down and cover it up. i am proud to have called norfolk my home. i am even more proud to be a virginian. but i am offended beyond words to have been considered all these years to be a portion of a parcel of land…….how sad.

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