Norfolk Budget Proposal gives Wards Corner $1,767,500

The City of Norfolk Proposed Operating and Capital Improvement Budget was presented by the City Manager to City Council on April 20.  The proposed Budget can be found on the City’s website, here.

The proposal includes $1,767,500 to be used in the implementation of the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan.  The project description states:

Provide funds to improve the residential and business areas of Wards Corner consistent with the Neighborhood Plan. Acquisition of blighted property from willing sellers will be pursued based on prioritizing areas in a strategic manner.

The current budget (2010) allocated $1,010,000 to the Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan and proposed $1,000,000 for 2011.  The 2011 budget proposal now includes $767,500 more than what was proposed in 2010.

2011 Budget Proposal for Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan

2011 Budget Proposal for Wards Corner Neighborhood Plan

In addition the budget proposal allocates $135,000 of the $1.5 million that is estimated to be needed to replace or reconfigure the Fitness and Wellness Center’s indoor pool roof, renovate the Men’s locker room and renovate the banquet hall.

The intersection of Tidewater Drive and Little Creek Road was, according to the 2010 budget, going to receive $4.8 million in 2011 for reconstruction of the intersection at grade.  The new budget proposal only allocates $150,000 towards that reconstruction, with the remainder of the money allocated over the 2012 and 2013 budgets.


3 Responses to Norfolk Budget Proposal gives Wards Corner $1,767,500

  1. Ron says:

    Amazing how an election focuses the mayor’s mind.

  2. Zodiac says:

    Give me a break. Do you morons actually think anyone will fix wards corner after the election??? Come on people, let’s get real here and stop wasting our time talking about this crap. The best thing that has happened to WC has been Gators deciding to upgrade!!! God bless Mr. Gator, I love you man.

    Where have all the true leaders gone?

    I’m going to start drinking now.

  3. L. Christine says:

    How will upgrading the pool roof and men’s locker room of the Fitness & Wellness Center enhance WARDS CORNER? And while the intersection of Tidewater Dr. and E. Little Creek Rd. certainly needs upgrading, that is outside Wards Corner proper, too. What I would like to find out is which derelict properties are slated for purchase — for that could have a positive impact for Wards Corner.

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