VNG to mill and repave W. Little Creek Road

November 18, 2014

vnglogoVirginia Natural Gas has completed 8 Greater Wards Corner area pipeline  and service line replacement projects in the past 2-3 years which equates to approximately $8 million in infrastructure improvements and upgrades.

A concern was raised at the most recent Wards Corner Task Force meeting regarding the work that Virginia Natural Gas has done in the Wards Corner area which has resulted in a large number of patches in the  asphalt.  As a result the roadways, especially W. Little Creek Road, have become less than smooth for drivers.

Freda Burns, the Right of Way Administrator for the City of Norfolk, has been in negotiations with Virginia Natural Gas and their contractor, Southeast Connections (SEC), to remedy the bumpy roadways.

SEC has a bit more work to do before the roadways will be fixed.  They play to install a new gas main within the verge of W. Little Creek Road and install the 56 service lines for that same side of the street. This installation will be done between Hampton Blvd and Armfield Road.

After completion, Virginia Natural Gas’ paving contractor will mill and repave the westbound inside lane of W. Little Creek Road from Colonial Ave to Hampton Blvd.  The paving must be done in consistent 53 degree weather and therefore may be put off until March 2015, depending on the weather this winter.

Ms. Burns has requested that Virginia Natural Gas send notifications to customers about the repaving plan.

Many thanks to Freda Burns for helping resolve these issues.


Notes from 11/13/13 Wards Corner Task Force Meeting

November 17, 2014

As always, thanks for Karen Mayne for the following notes:

The Greater Wards Corner Task Force Meeting

November 13, 2014

Council Members Barclay Winn and Terry Whibley were present.


Collins Group – Westport Commons Development

The Collins Group presented their current plans for the development of Westport Commons, which received City zoning approval in 2008.  The project will be located at the site of the soon to be demolished Riverside Terrace Apartments, located on Newport Avenue near Granby Elementary.  The revised development plans, which will need City zoning approval, now include a four story apartment building, townhouses, condominiums, a club house, pools, and pier/canoe launch.  The project will be built in phases, with construction of the apartments planned for March, followed by twelve of the townhouses, clubhouse, pool and pier.  The project will eventually be maintained by a homeowners association.


Police Reports

Police continue to get reports of car larcenies; many of these are when people either leave their cars unlocked or leave valuables in sight.

Reports of break-ins and vandalism by groups of youth are reported in the Wards Corner area and elsewhere around the City.  Police are investigating an incident where youths used a BB gun in random shootings.  In Denby Park, a group of very young children (10 and under) have vandalized buildings, some multiple times.  Police request that if school age youth are seen in the neighborhoods or shopping areas during school hours, call 911 so they can respond immediately.  They are working with Granby High on truancy issues.

Police also recommended that if panhandlers are seen in the area, to call 911 so they can respond immediately.


Public Utilities

Concern was expressed about the condition of the streets in the areas where the sewer, water and natural gas work has been done.  The roads will be repaved once Virginia Natural Gas completes its work.


Department of Development

At the Wards Corner Shopping Center, the podiatrists will be vacating their leased space for a new location at 35th Street.  The Pancake House plans to expand into the space.

The Farm Fresh property has been purchased by a Canadian investment firm.  Farm Fresh has a long-term lease on the building and will remain the tenant.


Community Reports

The public art project has been approved.  It will be located at approximately the location of the Wards Corner median sign on Granby Street.

The Wards Corner Business Association will meet monthly now that it has been reconstituted.  There were 21 business owners present at the last meeting.  A primary concern is crime and trash.

Collins to present new apartment and townhouse plans for Newport Ave

November 14, 2014

Arthur Collins is back with another plan for his property on Newport Ave just north of Granby Elementary.  He will be presenting to the Wards Corner Civic League and the Talbot Hall Civic League.  Both meetings will be open to the public.

Wards Corner Civic League meeting:
November 17 @ 645pm
Fitness and Wellness Center

Talbot Hall Civic League meeting:
November 24 @ 7pm
Royster Memorial Church

For history on the property and Mr. Collins, please read: Art Collins, Going his own way – Unwilling to put any agreements in writing

The new proposal will require an amendment to the zoning for the property.  The rezoning will require Collins to go before the Planning Commission and City Council for approval.

Proposed site plan including apartments to the bottom right and townhouses to the left

Proposed site plan including apartments to the bottom right and townhouses to the left

Collins’ current zoning allows for 385 multifamily dwellings which could either be apartments or condos.  There are currently 12 condos constructed in the northeast corner of the site.

The new proposal calls for 318 total units of which 180 are to be apartments, 68 townhouses, and 70 condos (including the already constructed 12 condos).

Proposed townhouse design ideas

Proposed townhouse design ideas

The new proposal calls for a pool and clubhouse for the townhouses and what appears to be a second pool and clubhouse for the apartments.

View down a street of proposed townhouses

View down a street of proposed townhouses

For more details attend one of the civic league meetings and review the complete presentation (PDF).


Wards Corner Business Association Meeting – November 18, 2014

November 10, 2014


The next meeting of the Greater Wards Corner Area Business Association will be held Tuesday, November 18th, 2014. We will meet at FARM FRESH, 230 E Little Creek Road, upstairs in the meeting room. Doors will be open at 8:00a.m. The meeting will begin promptly at 8:30 an end at 9:30a.m.

Since a light breakfast will be served, it is requested that attendees, RSVP, or call and leave message at 757-587-7975 by November 16th. 2014.


Elyse Kalfus, President

Public Art chosen for Wards Corner

November 7, 2014

The Arts Commission on Thursday, November 7, 2014, voted to recommend to the City that it build Gordon Heuther‘s design for public art in Wards Corner.

The art is planned to be located in the median of Granby Street at the location of the current gateway sign near the intersection with Suburban Parkway.

The art is constructed with a stainless steel base and a 1-inch thick acrylic with a historical map of Wards Corner applied to the inside surface.  While the art is shaped like the Wards Corner intersection of Granby St and Little Creek Road, it also can appear like a bird in flight.  It is planned to be 15 feet tall and have a 12 foot “wingspan”.

The art will be ground-lit with color changing LED lights.

In what was a very lengthy collaborative process with the artist, this final piece both excited and pleased the Wards Corner art commission subcommittee.  Look forward to construction to begin in the new year.

WCart1 WCart2 WCart3 WCart4 WCart5 WCart6


NPS Specialty Program Showcase – November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

NPS showcase

NPS Specialty Showcase 2014 (PDF)

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