Proposed Denby Baseball Park

June 30, 2010

A number of neighbors have been talking about an idea that was discussed in our article “Replace Texas Streets with new ballfields.”  After further discussion it appears that neighbors, including some residents of the Denby Park neighborhood, are interested in further exploring the idea of building baseball fields in Denby Park to replace the fields lost at Fleet Park.  Below you will see a slideshow of the following images:  Current Map of Denby Park, Current Satellite view of Denby Park, Proposed Denby Baseball Park, and Fleet Park superimposed over the proposed Denby Baseball Park.

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You can see above that the proposed Denby Baseball Park is about the same size as the current Fleet Park.

The proposed Denby Baseball Park is 23.73 Acres and the total of the assessed value of the properties in the park area is $19,534,000.  Please provide your thoughts in the comments section, below.

Replace Texas Streets with new ballfields

May 27, 2010
Fleet Park

Fleet Park

The Navy is shutting down Fleet Park and displacing 6 baseball fields used by the Fleet Park Little League with its 550 Little Leaguers.  The Ocean View Little League lost their playing fields last year as the Navy is no longer allowing them to use Navy fields either.  This was reported on by the Virginian-Pilot here.

Remember the Comprehensive Plan(Page 28):

. . . the high-density walkup apartments constructed in the Texas Streets section of Denby Park are, for the most part, not desirable housing. They have been built too close together, without appropriate provision of open space, and without amenities. The maze-like character of the resulting development, its proximity to highly-travelled Little Creek Road and to Interstate – 64 make it unfortunately suitable for drug dealing and for serving as a base for other criminal activity. The Norfolk police report that the situation in these buildings is getting worse. They recommend major change: the acquisition and demolition of these buildings, before the situation has even more adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods.
Texas Streets Section of Denby Park

Texas Streets Section of Denby Park

The City of Norfolk now has a need for new ballfields for our children.  Let’s consider following the Comprehensive Plan, acquire and demolish the sub-standard housing in the Texas Streets, and build ballfields to replace those lost at Fleet Park.  It would create a centralized place for Fleet Park and Ocean View Little Leagues to call home.

Update: This is an idea that is being floated to gauge support.  This has not been voted on or endorsed in any way by Wards Corner Now or any civic league.

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