Proposed Denby Baseball Park

A number of neighbors have been talking about an idea that was discussed in our article “Replace Texas Streets with new ballfields.”  After further discussion it appears that neighbors, including some residents of the Denby Park neighborhood, are interested in further exploring the idea of building baseball fields in Denby Park to replace the fields lost at Fleet Park.  Below you will see a slideshow of the following images:  Current Map of Denby Park, Current Satellite view of Denby Park, Proposed Denby Baseball Park, and Fleet Park superimposed over the proposed Denby Baseball Park.

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You can see above that the proposed Denby Baseball Park is about the same size as the current Fleet Park.

The proposed Denby Baseball Park is 23.73 Acres and the total of the assessed value of the properties in the park area is $19,534,000.  Please provide your thoughts in the comments section, below.


14 Responses to Proposed Denby Baseball Park

  1. Dan says:

    Wow! That would be great!

  2. Jeff says:

    An awesome idea. Not just a much better use of the space, but the cost would be offset by the reduction in crime and lost Police man-hours spent managing the criminals who use the present buildings as a base of operation.
    It would be a much healthier attraction to have near Watds Corner than the prostitution, petty theft and drugs we have now.
    What a bonus for the kids!
    It couldn’t happen fast enough.

  3. mike says:

    How well thought out is this idea? Baseballs landing in Interstate 64W might cause a few accidents. And as a former T-ball coach, I am not sure I would want my children to play in such a high crime area.

    • bubba says:

      hey sparky when you bulldoze all the tenements and slums you will be eliminating the natural habitat of the criminals. That is the point. Or do you think I make my meager mortgage payments and live in my modest house by perpetrating crimes? So what those of us living in the single family dwellings that are surrounding this are are criminals? we just aren’t good enough at it to live in Kempsville? What are you trying to say? Im confused?

  4. suburbanacres says:

    I think the crime issue is something that is attempting to be displaced by the park, Mike.
    Apparently, there is a great deal of confidence that WC’s crime (a significant portion) comes from the apts that would be replaced. As far as baseballs getting over the sound wall…well…I’m sure the plans would be planned and reviewed by our communities, so keep your thoughts ready when that time comes to ensure everything is accounted for. I think we’re just in a ‘how does this feel’ mode right now.

    I personally believe a park close to WC would help with WC development. More folks would shop/dine in the immediate area if the options are there. Little league brings out families.

    – Tim

    [These thoughts are mine and do not necessarily reflect that of Suburban Acres as a whole — noting the login]

  5. beverly says:

    Sure would like to see this happen tomorrow.I am ready to put my hardhat on supervise the bulldozers.

  6. beverly says:

    How did you come up with 23.73 acres?I believe Sean Paggett told me they need 12 acres for the baseball park.Also Nikki Riddick said there was 13.7 from the Kaboom park to East Little creek.It might just be a type error putting it on the site.


    Sure, build a park and close the Wellness Center on Sunday, so when the ballplayers get hurt they can’t exercise or use pool on their day off. If Norfolk has money to spend on playtime use some of it for the salaries and fitness and wellness center on Sundays. As a senior who uses the pool daily, and family members who are wanting pool time in the summer, we can’t because of budget cuts. WOW, having a ball field near the interstate, good way for lawsuits weekly. Does the whole city benefit or just folks under 40 who can still slide into bases. Go to Harbor park, already built. Build more apartments that people can’t afford. I pay taxes on $30,000 more than I can get an appraisal for and still can’t sell or re-fi. What a great city we live in, who would want to buy into Norfolk?

    • Molly says:

      LOL WUT???


    • wtf23505 says:

      Really? That is the most selfish thing I have heard in awhile. Lets forget about the 600 little leaguers so we can go to the pool on Sunday!

  8. wtf23505 says:

    The superimposed image of Fleet Park over the apartments shows the entire park. Little League only used half of the space shown. It appears to me that there is more than enough space to accommodate the six fields currently used and not have to worry about kids with super human homerun abilities when they hit their 700 foot bombs!

  9. Scott says:

    I really like the idea but who’s planning to fund its construction? The city, the little league, the neighborhood, some private group, or some combination? I heard the little league was exploring the possibility of overhauling the fields at Oceanview Elementary to use as their new home and the price tag was somewhere around 7 million. This would be much, muc higher.

    • wtf23505 says:

      The Ocean View idea is for the old NAS Little League that was removed from the air station last year. I think it would be a great idea to combine the two leagues into one and have a central location (Denby Park) for the games. If not, your talking about two complexes needing to be built somewhere.

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