Replace Texas Streets with new ballfields

Fleet Park

Fleet Park

The Navy is shutting down Fleet Park and displacing 6 baseball fields used by the Fleet Park Little League with its 550 Little Leaguers.  The Ocean View Little League lost their playing fields last year as the Navy is no longer allowing them to use Navy fields either.  This was reported on by the Virginian-Pilot here.

Remember the Comprehensive Plan(Page 28):

. . . the high-density walkup apartments constructed in the Texas Streets section of Denby Park are, for the most part, not desirable housing. They have been built too close together, without appropriate provision of open space, and without amenities. The maze-like character of the resulting development, its proximity to highly-travelled Little Creek Road and to Interstate – 64 make it unfortunately suitable for drug dealing and for serving as a base for other criminal activity. The Norfolk police report that the situation in these buildings is getting worse. They recommend major change: the acquisition and demolition of these buildings, before the situation has even more adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods.
Texas Streets Section of Denby Park

Texas Streets Section of Denby Park

The City of Norfolk now has a need for new ballfields for our children.  Let’s consider following the Comprehensive Plan, acquire and demolish the sub-standard housing in the Texas Streets, and build ballfields to replace those lost at Fleet Park.  It would create a centralized place for Fleet Park and Ocean View Little Leagues to call home.

Update: This is an idea that is being floated to gauge support.  This has not been voted on or endorsed in any way by Wards Corner Now or any civic league.


14 Responses to Replace Texas Streets with new ballfields

  1. Cindy Jordan says:

    Well, I sure hope this will be properly investigated before placing children and familes in a WAR ZONE!

  2. Cindy Jordan says:

    Well, I sure hope this will be properly investigated before placing children and familes is a WAR ZONE!

  3. Shannon Kurtz says:

    That is a great idea. A community center, like the one out in Lamberts Point would work well also.

  4. Jeff says:

    EXCELLENT IDEA. The gunshots, trash, fights and noise are building every week. I’d much rather be able to walk (safely) down to watch some kids play baseball. Way more fun than than cars racing up and down my street and thugs taking over the corners (again).

  5. TFox says:

    I would love to have a park so close to home when my children begin playing ball. Given the area is made safe and developed properly, this is an idea worth exploring (IMO).
    Very centrally located and would do well for the business in WC too.

  6. mitch hensley says:

    This seems to be a great step in the right direction.
    Family oriented events and wide open green spaces replacing run down buildings and crime, I’m looking forward to the financial impact that this should have for the entire Wards Corner area!

    • Leslie Newman says:

      I agree 100% this is what our neighborhood was originally built upon. Family and family values, as of late Denby Park & Oakdale Farms has been declining from that. As one of the block captians for the watch program I have had several neighbors tell me that they have spotted hookers as far in as Naval Base. If we as a whole don’t start to turn this area around there will be no turning back. Property values will continue to decline yet taxes will increase. Ball Parks and Rec Centers can help to bring value & pride back into our neighborhoods. Young families will be eager to live here again and raise a family. This can be a HUGE postive for the home owners of this area.

  7. Paul Davis says:

    I think this is a great idea! It’s the perfect example of the proper use of eminent domain as referred in legislation SB 781 passed in the 2007 General Assembly session. Visit for a full explanation.

  8. Jinnie says:

    This would be a great use of the area since the city isn’t going to make good on its supposed redevelopment plan. I hope my house is the first one they take. Ive live here for 18 years and am over it. I don’t want to keep it and I cant sell. So by all means eminent domain me just give me tax value I’ll be out in 30 days.

  9. Molly says:

    This is a great idea I used to live here and had to move due to the noise and level of traffic. The homeowners would be grateful to the city for preserving their neighborhood so the kids can play ball nearby without fear.

  10. Dal Paull (Dal Paull Fund to Benefit Youth Baseball) says:

    This has potential to be a win-win situation. It’s definitely worth exploring more.

  11. Tutu says:

    What a wonderful idea. Little Creek Road needs a complete makeover and starting with more green space in place of the crime ridden Texas streets is a great way to start. It would be wonderful to see young people playing ball and families in the area rather than what we now see. Bulldoze away, today!

    • D says:

      This is a wonderful idea. Tear down the apartments and the houses. THe crime is horrible over there. If we build the ball field the crime will be gone and we won’t be putting families in the middle of war zone. It will clean up the surrounding neighborhoods as wel as provide a ball field. I know the families that live in this area would be delighted for the clean up. I say go for it!

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