Laurie Cox, ex-wife of murdered Lt. Todd Cox, asks for your help

Todd Cox with his daughter Emily Cox

Pilot Online has reported that Laurie Cox is asking for your help in finding the killer of her ex-husband. Her 10-year-old daughter watched as her father was shot by a stranger on Beverly Avenue near DePaul Medical Center.  Lt. Cox’s 12-yeqr-old son was in a nearby home and heard the shots and the screaming. Laurie Cox needs closure for her children and that is why she needs the public’s help in finding her ex-husband’s murderer.

witnesses told police this much: A man alone in a mid-1990s-model Ford F-150 standard-cab pickup painted white on top and bottom and turquoise in the middle passed the quartet, turned around at the dead-end, returned and stopped next to them. The man exited.

Todd Cox shoved his fiancee out of the way, Laurie Cox said. The assailant shot him repeatedly at close range as the girls – who were up ahead with the dog – sprinted frantically for safety behind a tree. Then the gunman drove off unhurriedly.

Police described the killer as a black man with a medium complexion, 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall with a medium build and a short, natural hairstyle. He wore a light shirt and blue jeans.

Update: 07/20/08


2 Responses to Laurie Cox, ex-wife of murdered Lt. Todd Cox, asks for your help

  1. Mike says:

    I feel for this family and especially his daughter who had to see something like this- especially after her father’s return from what would be considered a dangerous time in his life (deployments). I believe that the reward value is extremely low, given that there are two agencies (NPD and NCIS) involved-someone knows or has heard something, and I’m not sure if this was completely random but I do think that $ 1000 is too small an amount to expect someone to come forward.

  2. Jenn P says:

    This is still unsolved, will you be able to do a follow up story? His fiancee is still looking for justice 4 years later.

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