Oakdale Farms / Denby Park Civic League: “Take out the Trash”

The following is the text of a Flyer from Oakdale Farms / Denby Park Civic League:

Join the Oakdale Farms / Denby Park Civic League to “Take out the Trash”

The week of May 26 to May 30, the city of NORFOLK is inviting you to “TAKE THE TRASH OUT”

What this means is: that stack of newspapers piling up in the corner of the house, or that stack of broken wood in the garage, or even that broken couch that you need to get rid, well now you can! Your civic league has made it possible for you to get rid of it all. Now is your chance. All you have to do is start putting your stuff on the curb on Monday May 26th.  All debris will be removed on our normal trash day, May 30th.  

-Please keep the city employees safe and do not put trash under overhead wires-

*No need to call for a special pick up**   Please recycle

**No penalty for having your trash on the curb before Thursday**

Take this opportunity to clean up your neighborhood

call 871-3782 for assistance or to volunteer  


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