Homicide in Denby Park

According to the Virginian Pilot:

Police are on the scene of a fatal shooting in the 300 block of Fort Worth Ave.

Police were called to the neighborhood shortly after 9 p.m. for reports of shots fired and when they arrived found a 22-year-old man who had been shot, said Karen Parker-Chesson, Norfolk police spokeswoman. Medics pronounced the man dead at 9:11 p.m.


4 Responses to Homicide in Denby Park

  1. k says:

    Great, another murdering thug at large.

    How many more murders will it take to shut these rathole apts. down, and raze them?

    Will it be me or one of my neighbors next? Maybe a child? What will it take? Is there anyone decent in charge that will do something?

  2. Elyse Kalfus says:

    It will take forever as long as citizens sit back, don’t get involved, don’t get organized and listen to what City Council tells them about how there is noting they can do while they continue to spend money on their pet projects all over the city. Join the Greater Wards Corner Partnership, we are working to make change happen and the bigger our numbers the better our chance for change. We are looking for solutions not sitting back and waiting for them to come to us. Our next meeting will be September 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Workforce Development Center next to Kroger on East Little Creek Road; if you truly want change come and bring your neighbors and get involved.

  3. beverly sexton says:

    Have you heard we have 3 camara’s.Guess where.They do not work well at night and they are not manned.So if something happens they have to go to a tape .Which is crap.Cannot makes things out.But they work in real time if only they where manned.Go figure.

  4. k says:


    You are absolutely right. My opini0ns mean nothing if not backed up with some kind of action or at a minimum a show of unity. I will be there next Thursday.

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