VNG to mill and repave W. Little Creek Road

vnglogoVirginia Natural Gas has completed 8 Greater Wards Corner area pipeline  and service line replacement projects in the past 2-3 years which equates to approximately $8 million in infrastructure improvements and upgrades.

A concern was raised at the most recent Wards Corner Task Force meeting regarding the work that Virginia Natural Gas has done in the Wards Corner area which has resulted in a large number of patches in the  asphalt.  As a result the roadways, especially W. Little Creek Road, have become less than smooth for drivers.

Freda Burns, the Right of Way Administrator for the City of Norfolk, has been in negotiations with Virginia Natural Gas and their contractor, Southeast Connections (SEC), to remedy the bumpy roadways.

SEC has a bit more work to do before the roadways will be fixed.  They play to install a new gas main within the verge of W. Little Creek Road and install the 56 service lines for that same side of the street. This installation will be done between Hampton Blvd and Armfield Road.

After completion, Virginia Natural Gas’ paving contractor will mill and repave the westbound inside lane of W. Little Creek Road from Colonial Ave to Hampton Blvd.  The paving must be done in consistent 53 degree weather and therefore may be put off until March 2015, depending on the weather this winter.

Ms. Burns has requested that Virginia Natural Gas send notifications to customers about the repaving plan.

Many thanks to Freda Burns for helping resolve these issues.


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