VNG to mill and repave W. Little Creek Road

November 18, 2014

vnglogoVirginia Natural Gas has completed 8 Greater Wards Corner area pipeline  and service line replacement projects in the past 2-3 years which equates to approximately $8 million in infrastructure improvements and upgrades.

A concern was raised at the most recent Wards Corner Task Force meeting regarding the work that Virginia Natural Gas has done in the Wards Corner area which has resulted in a large number of patches in the  asphalt.  As a result the roadways, especially W. Little Creek Road, have become less than smooth for drivers.

Freda Burns, the Right of Way Administrator for the City of Norfolk, has been in negotiations with Virginia Natural Gas and their contractor, Southeast Connections (SEC), to remedy the bumpy roadways.

SEC has a bit more work to do before the roadways will be fixed.  They play to install a new gas main within the verge of W. Little Creek Road and install the 56 service lines for that same side of the street. This installation will be done between Hampton Blvd and Armfield Road.

After completion, Virginia Natural Gas’ paving contractor will mill and repave the westbound inside lane of W. Little Creek Road from Colonial Ave to Hampton Blvd.  The paving must be done in consistent 53 degree weather and therefore may be put off until March 2015, depending on the weather this winter.

Ms. Burns has requested that Virginia Natural Gas send notifications to customers about the repaving plan.

Many thanks to Freda Burns for helping resolve these issues.


Community Meeting on new North Shore Road Bridges

June 6, 2014

N Shore RdA Community Engagement Meeting on improvements to the North Shore Road Bridges is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 7:00 P.M.  The meeting will be held at the Church of the Good Shepherd at 7400 Hampton Blvd.

The City of Norfolk welcomes participation in the community meeting to discuss proposed improvements to the Algonquin Park and Meadowbrook Bridges on North Shore Road, to include:

§ Presentation of Design Alternatives

§ Opportunities for Feedback and Discussion withDesign Engineers and City Representatives

For more information please contact Christine Armstrong at664-4605 or

North Shore Rd Bridges Community Meeting Notice Flyer (PDF)

Newport Ave road closings

March 22, 2013

The following Newport Ave road closings are planned in connection with the utility and pump station work being done near the Fitness and Wellness Center:

Monday, 4/1/13 through Friday, 4/12/13

Gaston Brothers Utilities, contractor for project, will set up traffic control and begin detouring traffic onto Granby Street.

This will be for work involving a small portion of sewer main to be installed from the middle of Newport Avenue towards the pump station site.

Monday, 4/15/13 through Saturday 5/4/13

Contractor will begin demolition of the temporary paving along Newport Avenue from the station heading north and including the intersection of Newport and North Shore Road.  Permanent paving will then occur along Newport Avenue.

Permanent roadway markings will finalize the paving which will then open the road back up.

Pending weather, Newport should be permanently paved and re-opened to traffic on 5/4/13.


Access to residences and to the Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center will remain at all times.

It will be similar to last year’s road closure on Newport Avenue, but not as long.

January 29, 2013 meeting on repair work to Roland Park Overpass

January 28, 2013
The following email has been distributed to Civic League Presidents in the area of the planning road work:
Dear Civic League Presidents –
As discussed in my previous email, the Roland Park Overpass Bridge on Tidewater Drive will undergo repairs in the coming months.  The City of Norfolk Department of Public Works, Design Division would like to invite your civic leagues to an informational meeting to discuss the project and resulting traffic impacts.  The meeting will be held:
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 6:30 P.M.
Suburban Park Elementary SchoolMulti-Purpose Room
310 Thole Street
Norfolk, VA 23505
Please share this information with the residents of your neighborhoods.  A flyer is attached.  The meeting agenda will include a project overview, information about lane closures and detours, and anticipated construction schedule.  Design engineers and City representatives will be available to answer questions about the project, which will include steel superstructure painting, bearing replacement, concrete repairs, and ramp widening. 
We look forward to discussing this project with you, and appreciate your cooperation as these much needed repairs are completed.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you,
Christine Atkinson, P.E.
Structural Engineer
City of Norfolk Public Works – Design Division
810 Union Street, Suite 700
Norfolk, VA 23510

Intermodal Connector to Link I-564 with Naval Station, NIT

December 16, 2012

Many thanks to Larry Tice, board member of the Suburban Acres Civic League, for providing this article.

A public meeting to solicit comments regarding the planned I-564 Intermodal Connector was held Tuesday evening Dec. 11th at Sewells Point Elementary School on Hampton Boulevard. The informal, informational session, held from 5 to 8 pm, was structured so visitors could move about among displays and maps, and ask questions of meeting representatives.

Representatives of VDOT, the Navy, City of Norfolk and Federal Highway Administration were available to answer questions.

Soliciting public input is a requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act in order to transfer land from the U.S. Navy to VDOT for the road. The Navy is preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The planned four-lane divided connector, the first phase of the hoped for “Patriot’s Crossing”, or third crossing to the Peninsula, would extend from the existing Route I-564 on the east at the current International Terminal Boulevard ramp to Naval Station Norfolk’s Virginia Avenue on the west. Going West-bound motorists would travel on a new road running parallel to I-564 between the interstate branch and Chambers Field; the new road would cross I-564 via a flyover just before the runway overpass and head West, crossing Hampton Boulevard at the site of the current Naval Station Gate 6. The western terminus of the connector would branch into a new, relocated Naval Station Gate 6, Norfolk International Terminals, and existing Naval Station Norfolk truck inspection station. Eventually travelers could continue on to the Patriot’s Crossing.

The site where the connector crosses Hampton Boulevard is close to current construction on the Boulevard that will carry vehicle traffic underneath relocated rail road tracks. The site plan also notes future high occupancy vehicle lanes along the connector, and new rail road tracks.

The proposed road runs across the southern portion of the Navy’s Fleet Recreation Park, which was home to the Fleet Park Little League for decades until the end of the 2011 season. The little league was evicted based on the Naval Station’s 2009 Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) study, which concluded the fields were in a designated “clear zone”, or likely crash zone near the approach to the Chambers Field Runway. The connector’s proposed path bisects the site, running over the former T-ball fields.

When asked if the proximity to the clear zone made the proposed route dangerous, meeting representatives said the proposed route was located “just outside of” the clear zone.

The project is planned so that an Air Terminal Interchange could be added in the future for additional access onto the Naval Station.

The Federal Highway Administration is still taking comments on the project through January 11th.  Comments and questions can be sent to Mr. Jack Van Dop, FHWA-EFLHD, 21400 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA 20166, (703)404-6282, or by email to

Planners hope to complete environmental assessment documents by Spring of 2013 and award a design-build contract by Summer 2013. The project is targeted for completion by September 2015.

A preliminary map of the work is here (PDF).

Special to from The Suburban,

Newsletter of the Suburban Acres Civic League.

By Larry Tice

Department of Public Works update for Wards Corner

May 12, 2008

1. Traffic Signal

Upgrading signal at Little Creek Road and Granby and Little Creek and

update (Little Creek

Farm Fresh entrance and associated ADA work. DVP completed

& Granby)(Little

electrical connection to Little Creek & Farm Fresh on 5/7/08. Contractor

Creek and Farm

planning to switch to new signals by 5/9/08. Contractor awaiting

Fresh Entrance)

electrical service to switch from the old signal to the new, at Little Creek


& Granby intersection. New signals projected to be fully operational


within a few weeks. jrs 5/7/08


2. Thole Street

New landscape medians along the 300 & 600 Blocks of Thole St. Bid

Traffic Calming

opening is scheduled for May 20th.

Construction to begin this summer.


arb 5/6/08


3. Curb Ramps

Wards Corner ADA Improvements -Phase III(B) work is incorporated in


the traffic signal upgrade construction plans. Remaining sidewalk and


curb ramp work will be complete once old signal equipment is removed


(Le. all construction complete by the end of this month). arb 5/6/08


CDBG funding allocated for curb ramps at roadway intersections


throughout Titustown. Plans being finalized and public advertisement


scheduled for June with construction to becln late summer. arb 5/6/08

4. Little Creek Rd.

Replacement of the two knocked down overhead sign structures that

& Lankford St.

had the pedestrian crossing signs and flashing yellow lights. The new


installation will have pedestrian push buttons that will actuate the lights


only when pedestrians are present (not 24/7). This type of operation


provides more information to the motorist and increases the level of


safety at the crossing. Contractor work completed. Dominion Virginia


Power electrical service connection scheduled to be completed by


5/20/08. rs 5/7/08


5. Granby St. Mid-

Work completed and operational. jrs 5/08

block crossing north



of Little Creek Rd.



6. Police  2nd

The proposed site is in the Central Business Park. 35% design


drawings have been received. 1/2/08 cpj

7. Monticello

Replacing curb to help drainage issues. Work includes the area


bounded by East and West Glen Roads and Little Creek Road. Work




8. Pedestrian

Signs are in- Working on policy for partnership with business for

Crosswalk signs on

maintenance and safety issues (moving signs that are knocked over or

Louisiana Ave.

pushed into traffic, storm issues etc.) Finalizing policy based on input


from City Atty Office. City Atty office have made final recommendations.


Final to be forwarded to Dir PW. irs


9. Newport Ave –

Moving forward with the first phase of the project. Work includes

Traffic speed study

installation of marked parking lane between Little Creek Rd & Kingsley


Lane and marked bulb … out at Granby Elem School student crossing


location. jrs 5/08


10. Request to redo

Install four, full imprint crosswalks. Funding proposed in FY09 CIP

Crosswalks at Little

budget. Design to be started once budget approved.

Creek Road &



Granby Street similar



to crosswalks in






11. Request to look

Due to the limited traffic signal infrastructure that is currently in place

at pedestrian

and layout of the intersection, a new signal design and geometric

crossing options on

improvements would be necessary. Estimated cost $168,000. Design

East Little Creek

& construction to begin with FY09 budget cycle.

near Fort Worth in



front of church near



interstate off-ramp



12. Repair work in

PW is working with property owners to get concrete driveway aprons

Denby Park

and sidewalk replaced. As part of project focus, driveway and sidewalk


repairs have been assessed by staff. Property owners have been


notified of repairs needed.










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