Public Art chosen for Wards Corner

The Arts Commission on Thursday, November 7, 2014, voted to recommend to the City that it build Gordon Heuther‘s design for public art in Wards Corner.

The art is planned to be located in the median of Granby Street at the location of the current gateway sign near the intersection with Suburban Parkway.

The art is constructed with a stainless steel base and a 1-inch thick acrylic with a historical map of Wards Corner applied to the inside surface.  While the art is shaped like the Wards Corner intersection of Granby St and Little Creek Road, it also can appear like a bird in flight.  It is planned to be 15 feet tall and have a 12 foot “wingspan”.

The art will be ground-lit with color changing LED lights.

In what was a very lengthy collaborative process with the artist, this final piece both excited and pleased the Wards Corner art commission subcommittee.  Look forward to construction to begin in the new year.

WCart1 WCart2 WCart3 WCart4 WCart5 WCart6



4 Responses to Public Art chosen for Wards Corner

  1. Sheri Hogue says:

    Still think a better spot would be at the corner where the BP gas station was. It could be seen from all directions not just on Granby St.

  2. Betty says:

    Shaped like the intersection, really? Micromanage much?

    • Betty:
      I’m not completely sure what you mean in this instance by micromanage but I can assure you that the design was something that the artist came up with.

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