Public Art Installation by Gordon Huether Studio to be Installed in Wards Corner

April 29, 2015

WCart1The Wards Corner Public Art is scheduled to be installed on April 30!

Below is the City of Norfolk Press Release:

Gordon Huether Studio, led by artist and founder Gordon Huether, was selected to design and fabricate a public art installation for the Wards Corner neighborhood. The sculpture, Wards Corner Gateway, will be installed on the median on Granby St., near North Shore Rd. on April 30, 2015.

The City of Norfolk’s Public Art Program worked with Gordon Huether Studios to develop a concept that embraces local identity, fosters a strong sense of place and creates a significant gateway for the City of Norfolk. The installation enables all viewers, whether local or visiting, an opportunity to pause and reflect about the continued positive and exciting changes taking place in the neighborhood.

The Wards Corner Gateway installation is made up of two components: a bird-like structure inspired by the famed intersection where Alfred C. Ward once operated his iconic general store, and a polished aluminum base. The large wing-like component, features a black and white aerial photograph of the Wards Corner intersection and was taken by a staff member of the Virginian Pilot in 1956. This part of the installation is made of translucent polycarbonate material. The wing-like component is then mounted atop an eleven-foot tall aluminum base, which causes the ‘Wing’ to point toward the sky. Wards Corner Gateway will be illuminated at night, featuring programmable color-changing lighting.

The installation and its upward orientation references this neighborhood’s future: its continued upward growth and development in cultural, economic and community matters.

More information can be found here: Public Art Chosen for Wards Corner


Public Art chosen for Wards Corner

November 7, 2014

The Arts Commission on Thursday, November 7, 2014, voted to recommend to the City that it build Gordon Heuther‘s design for public art in Wards Corner.

The art is planned to be located in the median of Granby Street at the location of the current gateway sign near the intersection with Suburban Parkway.

The art is constructed with a stainless steel base and a 1-inch thick acrylic with a historical map of Wards Corner applied to the inside surface.  While the art is shaped like the Wards Corner intersection of Granby St and Little Creek Road, it also can appear like a bird in flight.  It is planned to be 15 feet tall and have a 12 foot “wingspan”.

The art will be ground-lit with color changing LED lights.

In what was a very lengthy collaborative process with the artist, this final piece both excited and pleased the Wards Corner art commission subcommittee.  Look forward to construction to begin in the new year.

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Public Art in Wards Corner; 75 artists pared down to 3

December 5, 2013

pubartThe Wards Corner Public Art Planning Committee (WCPAPC) met once again on December 2, 2013 at the Selden Arcade.  City staff (Planning Department, Parks & Rec, Public Works), representatives of the community, and representatives of the Norfolk Public Art Commission were in attendance.

Four hours were spent poring over 75 artist responses to the Request For Proposal for Public Art in Wards Corner.  Each of the 75 was scored on a scale of 1-10 by each of those in attendance.  The top selections were then reviewed and scored again until the group came to a consensus on three final artists.

The final artists are Osman Akan, Gordon Huether, and Karen Yank.  The next step in the process will occur in the next two weeks when the three finalists will be interviewed via skype.  The WCPAPC will then choose a finalist who will then enter into a contract with the city to visit Wards Corner, create a proposal specific to Wards Corner, and, if accepted, construct the art.  When the artist visits Wards Corner they are expected to visit the taskforce and/or local civic leagues for education and input.

Osman Akan’s website.

Gordon Huether’s website.

Karen Yank’s website.

Norfolk seeks to commission an artist to design and create artwork for Wards Corner

October 3, 2013
Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1
The City of Norfolk, Virginia seeks to commission an artist to
design and create artwork for Wards Corner.
Revitalization of the once bustling Wards Corner shopping area is now underway.  What was once known as the
“Times Square of the South,” is being refurbished with a vibrant new mix of retail, entertainment and local services.
The Wards Corner Public Art Planning Committee seeks an artist to design and create artwork that is friendly and inviting and will cause viewers to pause and reflect.  The committee hopes the final artwork will unify and mark a cohesive neighborhood that honors
its history with a new playful point of view.  The final artwork should be eye-catching,
unique and bring color, fun and vibrancy to this urban threshold.
    Budget:     up to $150,000
Deadline for Submission:  2:00 PM EST, October 31, 2013
Project description:
Find National Artist Opportunities here or by following us on Facebook!

Art for Wards Corner

August 23, 2013

A meeting of the Wards Corner Public Art Planning Committee (WCPAPC) was held at the Selden Arcade on August 20, 2013.  City staff (Planning Department, Parks & Rec, Public Works), representatives of the community, and representatives of the Norfolk Public Art Commission were in attendance.

A Request for Proposals (RFP)  is in the early stages of being drafted by the WCPAPC.  The RFP will likely outline the possible locations for public art in the Wards Corner area.  Some of the preliminary areas identified included some of the medians on Granby Street, the HRT bus transfer station, and possibly some space in front of the new Harris Teeter anchored shopping center.  The RFP will also give direction for the site specific artwork but will likely be vague to allow for the artists to make unique proposals.

Once the RFP is finalized it will go out to artists nationally.  It is hoped that the RFP will be completed in time such that the artists responses will be due by the end of October.  The WCPAPC will then reconvene to review the submissions and work towards selecting an artist for the project.

The City of Norfolk currently has $150,000 to use for this public art project in Wards Corner.

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