Notes from 11/13/13 Wards Corner Task Force Meeting

As always, thanks for Karen Mayne for the following notes:

The Greater Wards Corner Task Force Meeting

November 13, 2014

Council Members Barclay Winn and Terry Whibley were present.


Collins Group – Westport Commons Development

The Collins Group presented their current plans for the development of Westport Commons, which received City zoning approval in 2008.  The project will be located at the site of the soon to be demolished Riverside Terrace Apartments, located on Newport Avenue near Granby Elementary.  The revised development plans, which will need City zoning approval, now include a four story apartment building, townhouses, condominiums, a club house, pools, and pier/canoe launch.  The project will be built in phases, with construction of the apartments planned for March, followed by twelve of the townhouses, clubhouse, pool and pier.  The project will eventually be maintained by a homeowners association.


Police Reports

Police continue to get reports of car larcenies; many of these are when people either leave their cars unlocked or leave valuables in sight.

Reports of break-ins and vandalism by groups of youth are reported in the Wards Corner area and elsewhere around the City.  Police are investigating an incident where youths used a BB gun in random shootings.  In Denby Park, a group of very young children (10 and under) have vandalized buildings, some multiple times.  Police request that if school age youth are seen in the neighborhoods or shopping areas during school hours, call 911 so they can respond immediately.  They are working with Granby High on truancy issues.

Police also recommended that if panhandlers are seen in the area, to call 911 so they can respond immediately.


Public Utilities

Concern was expressed about the condition of the streets in the areas where the sewer, water and natural gas work has been done.  The roads will be repaved once Virginia Natural Gas completes its work.


Department of Development

At the Wards Corner Shopping Center, the podiatrists will be vacating their leased space for a new location at 35th Street.  The Pancake House plans to expand into the space.

The Farm Fresh property has been purchased by a Canadian investment firm.  Farm Fresh has a long-term lease on the building and will remain the tenant.


Community Reports

The public art project has been approved.  It will be located at approximately the location of the Wards Corner median sign on Granby Street.

The Wards Corner Business Association will meet monthly now that it has been reconstituted.  There were 21 business owners present at the last meeting.  A primary concern is crime and trash.


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