Residents of the Cromwell House want better security

June 18, 2011

The following is from a follow-up report by Andy Fox of  WAVY TV 10:

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Norfolk, VA – Residents of an apartment complex want better security after one of the residents was killed. 

Residents say they heard gun shots Tuesday night. Police found 77-year-old Louis Daniel Jr. dead on Wednesday in his home on Cromwell Parkway. His neighbors hope his death was not in vain.

“I heard the gun shot, and it didn’t sound that close,” said Joanne Knight who lives above the apartment where Daniel died.

He would sit in his window and read in the sunlight. Tuesday night, darkness visited Daniel – a robber in the night with a gun.

“We all are praying. We are on shells walking because we have to watch our backs. We have to do that. We shouldn’t have to that Mr. Andy. We need help,” said Knight.

Cromwell House Apartment residents are scared, and they want better security.

“They are breaking into cars, breaking down doors when they are not home,” said Knight.

They want trees cut that are around lights, and they want surveillance cameras.

“If you look at the light, how bright will it be behind the trees,” said Laura Davis who is also a neighbor.

Apartment complex management told there is security at the complex, but two residents talked over each other to say security is nearly non-existent. Management has arranged for police to visit on July 28 to give residents tips on staying safe which is more than a month away.

“We need a meeting tomorrow, tonight,” said Knight.

In memory of Daniel, residents will have a candle light vigil, but more importantly they called up because they want better security. Apartment management did not return our phone calls for a response, and told us Wednesday they do have security, but as you have read, residents say it’s not nearly enough security.


East Little Creek Road – Norfolk’s shooting gallery

September 19, 2009


The East Little Creek Road Corridor between Wards Corner and Wal-Mart is becoming  a gun range with  humans as targets. Two murders this week in the 800 block of Banaker Road. One murder last week in the 300 block of Fort Worth Avenue and today, Saturday,  another shooting in the 800 block of East Little Creek Road. Click here for story.   Why isn’t Norfolk going to war on this dysfunction that is becoming a part of every day life in our area? Is it because most of the  killings and shootings involve black folks? If this criminal activity were taking place in Downtown, you want to bet that the Mayor and several City Council folks would have their mugs all over the television news. Case in point – The Granby Theater shooting in March of 2007. All hell broke loose in the city’s officialdom.  Click here for story . Why is violence in one part of the city dealt with severely and in other areas almost ignored? One answer is institutional racism. Black folks killing each other in Norfolk  is ok as long as it doesn’t effect the economic development efforts in Downtown.

Two found dead in Norfolk apartment

September 15, 2009

WVEC  is reporting that two people were found dead at 9:15 a.m. in the 800 block of Banaker Road. This incident is not even one block from Crossroads Elementary School. The report says,

The victims were found inside one of the apartments.
Police didn’t release other information because the investigation is in its early stages.

Man shot in Wards Corner Farm Fresh parking lot

November 9, 2008

A man was shot inside a parked car Sunday afternoon in the Wards Corner Farm Fresh parking lot.  Pilot Online repots that the man had gotten into an altercation with four men inside the supermarket, and the men followed him outside,  and one of them shot him.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church will host a community gang-prevention brain-storming session

October 6, 2008

Blessed Sacrament Church will host a gang-prevention brain-storming session on Wednesday, October 8th. For more information call 423-8305. The Church is located at 6400 Newport Avenue behind Depaul Medical Center.

Mother and boyfriend charged in death of 4 year-old

September 1, 2008

PilotOnline reports that a mother, boyfriend have been charged with murder and child neglect in the death of a 4 year old girl.

Police found Tamera Wooden dead about 4:15 p.m. Sunday inside her mother’s home in the 300 block of East Little Creek Road, said Officer Chris Amos. The search began after the girl’s mother called police about 3 p.m. to report her daughter missing, Amos said.

The suspects are Jathiya Wooden and Troy Allen Edwards who is not the girl’s father. They are are both being held in Norfolk City Jail.

Body of suspect wanted in the killing of Glenwood Park mother washes ashore in Ocean View

May 5, 2008

WTKR reports the body of the killer of the Glenwood Park mother, who was holding her 2 month old infant child at the time she was shot, was found washed ashore this morning in Ocean View near the Ocean View Fishing Pier. The body of James R. Brooks was found about 9:45 a.m. by a passerby who called police.

Chesapeake Police need your help on Denby Park woman found dead

May 5, 2008

Pilot Online reports Chesapeake

Police have released additional information about a Norfolk woman whose body was found April 27 under a tarp at a construction site and are renewing a public appeal for information.

Lisa Area L’Minggio was last seen in the Wards Corner area of Norfolk on April 19 between midnight and 12:30 a.m. the next day, according to a weekend release from police.

L’Minggio was in a white car with a man, according to police. They did not have any additional description of the car and could only say that the man was black.

This case is being treated by the Chesapeake Police as a homicide.  If you have any information about this case please call Crime Line at 1-888- LOCK-YOU-UP.

Woman shot to death in Glenwood Park neighborhood

May 2, 2008

 Pilot Onlinehas reported that the police are looking for a man that has shot and killed a woman in the 8600 block of Glen Myrtle Avenue in the Glenwood Park neighborhood off of Hampton Boulevard near the Naval Base. It is reported that the man and woman were fighting outside.

WAVY TV has reported that the victim, Monica Zollicoffer, was shot while she was holding her 2 month old infant child. The suspect, James R. Brooks, is 25 years old and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone knowing of Mr. James Brooks whereabouts are asked to call the Norfolk Police at 441-5610 or the Norfolk Crime Line at 1-888- LOCK U UP.

Altoona television station reports Lt. Todd Cox was killed in a drive-by shooting

May 1, 2008

Lt. Todd Cox’s hometown Altoona, PA. television station, WJAC, reported on April 28th that Lt. Cox was killed in a drive-by shooting. Does this television station know something that we haven’t been told?

WJAC quotes Lt. Cox’s mother, Nancy Cox:

 I was really shocked when they showed up at my door to tell me they had some bad news to tell me about my son. It was very very hard

Nancy Cox said Lt. Cox always would remember his family no matter where he was in the world. She received a package from him the day he was murdered.

She said

I have thimbles from all of the places he was. He always sent me a thimble. And I have all of his cards and his letters

Nancy Cox had planned on visiting her son this summer. She hadn’t seen her son in two years.


“Best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150”

April 30, 2008

I just received the following email from our 3rd Patrol Division P.A.C.E. Officer Lietenant Roger Hungerford concerning the murder of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox on Beverly Avenue last Thursday night:

As a follow up to the Beverely murder I am hearing that a lot of people think this is a gang initiation or a random act. I can tell you it was neither. As is common with most murders, this had some underlying factors that tied the killer to the suspect. The best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150 that was used by the killer. If anyone saw anything related to the murder (especially any license info) that night and has not been reported, please urge them to contact PD. They can contact me 613 8593 or 423-4448  Officer Jackson or Hubbard (823-4478).



Lt Roger Hungerford





Wanted poster for the Beverly Avenue Murderer of Lt. Todd Cox

April 28, 2008

Below is a PDF file of the wanted poster for the murderer of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox. Please print and distribute among your neighbors and post in your businesses.

Wanted Poster for Beverly Avenue Murderer

Beverly Avenue Murderer Wanted Poster


Information surfaces on the suspect of the Beverly Avenue murder

April 28, 2008

From a source that must remain  anonymous, we have gotten a sketchy description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving when he murdered Lt. Todd Cox. The suspect is a black male driving what was described as a green Ford F-150. It is doubtful that this murder was gang related as only one individual was involved. Motive has yet to be determined. As new information arrives, it will be posted on

Police continue to pursue leads in murder of Naval officer

April 27, 2008

Pilot Online reports that there still is no arrest in the murder of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox on Beverly Avenue.  Lt. Cox was shot at point blank range. The murderer continued to fire bullets into Lt. Cox after he fell to the ground. This murder took place as Lt. Cox was walking with his fiance and two children.

A funeral Mass for Lt. Cox will be conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church  located at 6400 Newport Ave. in Norfolk.

The family has asked that memorial contributions be made to the United Cerebral Palsy Association, 1660 L St., NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.

Police Identify Beverly Avenue Murder Victim

April 25, 2008

Pilot Online  reports that Norfolk Police have identified the Beverly Street murder victim as 40-year-old Navy Lieutenant Todd M. Cox of the 500 block of Talbot Hall Road.  Lt. Cox was walking with his fiance and two children when he was gunned down. He died with multiple gunshot wounds.  This tragedy has affected two of our Partnership neighborhoods, Ellsworth and Talbot Park.

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