Man shot in Wards Corner Farm Fresh parking lot

A man was shot inside a parked car Sunday afternoon in the Wards Corner Farm Fresh parking lot.  Pilot Online repots that the man had gotten into an altercation with four men inside the supermarket, and the men followed him outside,  and one of them shot him.

6 Responses to Man shot in Wards Corner Farm Fresh parking lot

  1. Gerald Borman says:

    How can we get more police surveillance of Farm Fresh and its parking lot? Are there security cameras in the store and in the parking lot that are in working order?

  2. Shahana says:

    Farm Fresh must provide security. This is their top grossing grocery store in Norfolk, they can afford security for their customers. A lot of us do our shopping on a Sunday afternoon and frankly I will drive to Ghent to avoid Ward’s Corner if Farm Fresh does not hire an off duty police officer to watch the parking lot.

  3. Jeff Kline says:

    All the stores in Wards Corner need to provide better security,or security period. I’ve been approached outside Kroger, Walmart and again outside my foot doctor by people begging, and now this? After a murder in Southern Shopping center and another outside AJ Gators?
    I want to spend my money locally, but I’ll drive to VB if I need to. This incidents make it hard to foster trust in this city.

  4. Leanne says:

    On the Dalis side of Wards Corner, We used to be provided security by our landlord or property manager several years back, but that eventually stopped. At my store in Va Beach, the landlord provides off duty police security while all stores are open.

  5. John Knight says:

    Farm Fresh should hire a security guard/garbage man and kill 2 birds with one stone. A large percentage of the garbage drifting around Wards Corner can be traced back to their parking lots- just read the name on the bag, wrapper, receipt, etc. Or better yet, take a look at their parking lot. They are making a fortune at this store, but sadly, they are another example of corporate greed. Farm Fresh is hoovering our money and putting zilch back into the community. We have made repeated formal requests for them to be more proactive but have received no response.

    John Knight
    Owner- Book Exchange

  6. Nancy Gray says:

    Farm Fresh at one time DID have a security guard at this location, he was posted INSIDE the store. I seriously doubt a rent a cop would have made any difference in this situation. Farm Fresh does in fact contribute to our community…they have the Farm Fresh Charitable group, participate in Habitat for Humanity and the ABC’s program that donates to OUR schools just to name a few. As far as the trash call the store and ask for the manager, I have before and they are usually happy to help where possible. The parking lot shooting is a sad reminder of the times we live in, there are just as many incidents in downtown and around ODU as well as Va Beach so it is not just Wards Corner folks.

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