Wards Corner Clean-up

September 15, 2008

Laura Thom writes:

Our Fall Wards Corner Clean-up will be this coming Saturday, Sept. 20th (rain date 9/27).  Come join the fun and meet other caring members of the Wards Corner community!

Meet: North Shore Sports & Physical Therapy
7419 Granby St.(next to ATC Fitness)

8:30-9:00 am for coffee, pastries & registration

Activity: Clean Our Corner, 9:00-11:00am

Safety vests, gloves, trash bags, water & snacks provided.

Please RSVP by calling Laura at 489-5820.


CrimeView Community

May 21, 2008

CrimeView Community

The Norfolk Police Department has launched Crime View Community, an interactive crime mapping website that allows residents to view certain crime statistics by location and time.

CrimeView Community is an interactive crime mapping program that allows the user to search the City of Norfolk by address, civic leagues, police precincts as well as proximity searches to landmarks in the City of Norfolk for certain types of crimes that have occurred over the previous one hundred twenty days.

The website works remarkably well. You can search by civic league, police precinct, sector, planning district, ward, or zip code. Unfortunately they did not include a way to search the entire Partnership/Taskforce area with one search. Nonetheless, everyone is encouraged to utilize CrimeView to stay informed of crime in their area.

Click Here
To Enter CrimeView Community

“Best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150”

April 30, 2008

I just received the following email from our 3rd Patrol Division P.A.C.E. Officer Lietenant Roger Hungerford concerning the murder of Navy Lieutenant Todd Cox on Beverly Avenue last Thursday night:

As a follow up to the Beverely murder I am hearing that a lot of people think this is a gang initiation or a random act. I can tell you it was neither. As is common with most murders, this had some underlying factors that tied the killer to the suspect. The best help citizens can provide would be any information on the two tone Ford F-150 that was used by the killer. If anyone saw anything related to the murder (especially any license info) that night and has not been reported, please urge them to contact PD. They can contact me 613 8593 or 423-4448  Officer Jackson or Hubbard (823-4478).



Lt Roger Hungerford





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