Residents of the Cromwell House want better security

The following is from a follow-up report by Andy Fox of  WAVY TV 10:

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Norfolk, VA – Residents of an apartment complex want better security after one of the residents was killed. 

Residents say they heard gun shots Tuesday night. Police found 77-year-old Louis Daniel Jr. dead on Wednesday in his home on Cromwell Parkway. His neighbors hope his death was not in vain.

“I heard the gun shot, and it didn’t sound that close,” said Joanne Knight who lives above the apartment where Daniel died.

He would sit in his window and read in the sunlight. Tuesday night, darkness visited Daniel – a robber in the night with a gun.

“We all are praying. We are on shells walking because we have to watch our backs. We have to do that. We shouldn’t have to that Mr. Andy. We need help,” said Knight.

Cromwell House Apartment residents are scared, and they want better security.

“They are breaking into cars, breaking down doors when they are not home,” said Knight.

They want trees cut that are around lights, and they want surveillance cameras.

“If you look at the light, how bright will it be behind the trees,” said Laura Davis who is also a neighbor.

Apartment complex management told there is security at the complex, but two residents talked over each other to say security is nearly non-existent. Management has arranged for police to visit on July 28 to give residents tips on staying safe which is more than a month away.

“We need a meeting tomorrow, tonight,” said Knight.

In memory of Daniel, residents will have a candle light vigil, but more importantly they called up because they want better security. Apartment management did not return our phone calls for a response, and told us Wednesday they do have security, but as you have read, residents say it’s not nearly enough security.


3 Responses to Residents of the Cromwell House want better security

  1. So sorry for Mr Daniel,it is a shame are senior citizens are not safe in there own home. My mom lives in Surburban house ,which is in front of Cromwell House where it happened. My mom said that a couple of people have had break ins in the middle of the night too. They didn’t kill them but robbed them. He came back to the same apt to do it again but the woman had a stick in the window. They need more police patrolling the area too!

  2. …well it’s apparent that they DO NOT have enough security! It that were true, maybe that poor man would not have been murdered in his own home!! Maybe the question that they news media should ask is…show me the security measures that you have in place. Because obviously what they have or call security is sufficient and enough!!

  3. Maureen says:

    I have visited my mother many times at the Cromwell House and I have NEVER seen any security there. The back doors do not have security cameras and the parking lots are dark. If the Cromwell House owners get sued by the family of Mr Daniel, perhaps more money will be put into making the place safe. The owners are responsible for security and will be held liable for any and all future crimes.

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