Information surfaces on the suspect of the Beverly Avenue murder

From a source that must remain  anonymous, we have gotten a sketchy description of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving when he murdered Lt. Todd Cox. The suspect is a black male driving what was described as a green Ford F-150. It is doubtful that this murder was gang related as only one individual was involved. Motive has yet to be determined. As new information arrives, it will be posted on


2 Responses to Information surfaces on the suspect of the Beverly Avenue murder

  1. Patty Speidel says:

    I was talking with my friend who lives outside LA Calif>he says this is very typical of MS13 gang. They will drive out of their neighborhood and shoot an innocent person as part of their initiation process. Shooting a person multiple times without
    shooting his family would fall in their realm.

    Not saying this is necessarily the case here but the police aren’t releasing much info officially. What happened to the ‘white pick-up” the news originally published?

  2. Eric Heard says:

    I would be very careful about causing any hysteria in the community before the investigation is complete. MS13 members are usually latino or blatino. It orignated in El Salvador. There are certainly some tell tale visual similarities like tatoo’s etc. I have not seen any visual evidence that MS13 is in our area. Lest’s wait for the police to determine what happened in this incident.

    Also, just because you see that a TAG has been painted on a wall or building, it does not mean that there is gang activity associated with it. A new past time of our youth is “wana being a gangster”. This is more common than the real stuff. Alas it also does not mean that there isn’t gang related activity but “posing” is more popular for some reason. Power, acceptance and brotherhood I suppose.

    The experts should investigate the event and give us as much as they know. If they don’t, then we need to ask WHY?

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