Norfolk seeks to commission an artist to design and create artwork for Wards Corner

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The City of Norfolk, Virginia seeks to commission an artist to
design and create artwork for Wards Corner.
Revitalization of the once bustling Wards Corner shopping area is now underway.  What was once known as the
“Times Square of the South,” is being refurbished with a vibrant new mix of retail, entertainment and local services.
The Wards Corner Public Art Planning Committee seeks an artist to design and create artwork that is friendly and inviting and will cause viewers to pause and reflect.  The committee hopes the final artwork will unify and mark a cohesive neighborhood that honors
its history with a new playful point of view.  The final artwork should be eye-catching,
unique and bring color, fun and vibrancy to this urban threshold.
    Budget:     up to $150,000
Deadline for Submission:  2:00 PM EST, October 31, 2013
Project description:
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6 Responses to Norfolk seeks to commission an artist to design and create artwork for Wards Corner

  1. Pamela Kiernan says:

    Are you kidding me?? Artwork isn’t going to bring people to Ward’s – good stores and easy access might help. Having 3 new stop lights on Little Creek Road isn’t going to help. I’m sure we could find a better way to spend $150,000.

  2. Pamela Kiernan says:

    that should read – Ward’s Corner

  3. Dawnc says:

    I agree,I think 150,000 should be spent elsewhere…

    • john rogers says:

      where’s elsewhere? There’s a lot of sentiment about spending money elsewhere but no ideas. My experience is that a civic minded statement has more value than usually the building or surrounding space that’s being built. As a nation we can no longer afford to deny culture. We should all build toward a future with hope not empty ideas.

  4. tootsie says:

    i agree with you all. Money could be well spent elsewhere.why did’nt we get a vote?

  5. Joan Griffey says:

    Your civic league is a super way to keep in touch with this type of community engagement. The monies have been made available from ( 1% of building projects taxes) to many sections of the City such as MacArthur Center TIDES station, Broad Creek, Northside Skate Park, Towne Point Park, multiple parking garages, Norview Community Center, the Zoo. Wards Corner was chosen by a committee for the next site. PLEASE come to our civic league….we love committed people who love Wards Corner.

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