Art for Wards Corner

A meeting of the Wards Corner Public Art Planning Committee (WCPAPC) was held at the Selden Arcade on August 20, 2013.  City staff (Planning Department, Parks & Rec, Public Works), representatives of the community, and representatives of the Norfolk Public Art Commission were in attendance.

A Request for Proposals (RFP)  is in the early stages of being drafted by the WCPAPC.  The RFP will likely outline the possible locations for public art in the Wards Corner area.  Some of the preliminary areas identified included some of the medians on Granby Street, the HRT bus transfer station, and possibly some space in front of the new Harris Teeter anchored shopping center.  The RFP will also give direction for the site specific artwork but will likely be vague to allow for the artists to make unique proposals.

Once the RFP is finalized it will go out to artists nationally.  It is hoped that the RFP will be completed in time such that the artists responses will be due by the end of October.  The WCPAPC will then reconvene to review the submissions and work towards selecting an artist for the project.

The City of Norfolk currently has $150,000 to use for this public art project in Wards Corner.


3 Responses to Art for Wards Corner

  1. David A. Spriggs says:

    If the City of Philadelphia can place a statue of a fictional character, Rocky Balboa, on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
    then I think Norfolk could certainly place a statue of a real-life icon, The Hula Hoop Lady, on the Granby Street median.

    David A. Spriggs

  2. red says:

    Seriously, Can we get something other than a colossal stainless steel piece of abstract nothingness? We have a history of shipping, farming, railroading, and yes military. How about something relevant for a change?

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