Homicide at Cromwell House Apartments

Cromwell House Apartments

Cromwell House Apartments

Residents and neighbors of Cromwell House Apartments have been complaining about increasing and persistent crime for some time now.

WAVY, WTKR, and WVEC are reporting that a homicide occurred there on Tuesday night between 11:00 and 11:30pm.  The victim was an elderly man who rarely left his apartment according to neighbors.

Police have not released details or a motive at this time.



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  1. The problem of safety in the Cromwell House and The Suburban House has been brought up several times at past meetings of the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force. Our seniors and the disabled that live in these two complexes are very vulnerable to criminals. It will be up to us to make sure that more attention is payed to their safety in the future.

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    Homicide at Cromwell House Apartments « Wards Corner Now – Wards Corner, Norfolk, Virginia…

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