Denby Park’s KaBoom Park to be moved?

June 29, 2011

Citing continued crime at the KaBoom park, the City and the Denby Park Civic League are making moves to close the park and relocate it to a safer portion of Monticello village.


The park was built in August 2008 by over 400 volunteers and with a grant from the Chrysler Foundation.    It is located at 352 San Antonio Blvd.

As a reminder, page 28 of the 2003 Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan:

[T]he high-density walkup apartments constructed in the Texas Streets section of Denby Park are, for the most part, not desirable housing.  They have been built too close together, without appropriate provision of open space, and without amenities. The maze-like character of the resulting development, its proximity to highly-travelled Little Creek Road and to Interstate – 64 make it unfortunately suitable for drug dealing and for serving as a base for other criminal activity. The Norfolk police report that the situation in these buildings is getting worse. They recommend major change: the acquisition and demolition of these buildings, before the situation has even more adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods.  The many respectable people who are living in these buildings are being victimized by the current situation.


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