Partnership Meeting

The following was received from Elyse Kalfus:

Greater Wards Corner Partnership Meeting
Thursday, September 24th, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Workforce Development Center (Next to Kroger)
201 E. Little Creek Road

We encourage members from all the Civic Leagues in the Greater Wards Corner Partnership Area to join us for our meeting this Thursday.  We will be discussing the importance of working together to get the change we all need and want to see in our area.  Since 1995 we have all sat and watch while other areas of the city have taken our tax dollars and been redeveloped.  We have listened to the promises and watched as our area fallen prey to more and more blight.  The time for action is now, and only working together can we make it happen.  There is no more Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan we need a new one.  Come and let’s discuss it your neighbors, what do we want to see here in our area.  The business district can’t change without the redevelopment of the ghetto first and we can make that happen together.

We hope enough people in this area are ready to get involved to bring this change about. The time is right, the time is now.

Hope to see you Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. in Room 204 at the Workforce Development Center.


4 Responses to Partnership Meeting

  1. addision says:

    That there is no Wards Corner Comprehensive plan is in itself a true travesty. Living in Monticello Village for more than 13 years,we have placed alot of pride into our home and made many upgrades, if the neighborhood continues to decline and the unsavory behavior continues to spread it will be difficult to continue on in this area, I am certain I am not the only homeowner feeling the need and pressures to leave…

  2. Elyse Kalfus says:

    That is why we must make sure the city does not continue to put Wards Corner on the back burner and develop and acceptable plan that the resendents want and make sure make sure the city implements it sooner than later. I hoope we will see you at the meeting on Thursday.

  3. beverly sexton says:


    There has been alot that have come and gone.Please stand with us and fight.When you see crime .Do not turn a blind eye or i do not want to get involved.Call dispatch or 911.Join the neighborhood watch program.Get involved with your civic league or come join ours.Denby park/oakdale farms.Hope to meet you tomorrow evening.

  4. Addision says:

    While attending the last Wards Corner Now meeting, the police officer mentioned the best way to beat crime is to call in even non-emergency type situations. I just wanted to get an opinion on a topic that recurs on the 7900 block of East Glen Road in Monticello Village. Cars will park on this block to cross the street and enter the Denby Park neighborhood, sometimes the cars are there for hours and sometimes just a few minutes. Could this be considered suspect activity and would it be approporiate to bring it to the attention of the police?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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