Wards Corner Partnership meeting notice- mark your calendars

Greater Wards Corner Partnership

201 E. Little Creek Road (next to Kroger)   7:00 p.m.

Rooms 202 & 204

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roberts Rules of Order will be followed



1.  Introductions: Please stand and give your name and Civic League.


2.  P.A.C.E. Reports


3.  Guest Speakers:   Ted Lamb from the Craddock neighborhood of Portsmouth to talk with us about the Crime Watch program he help start. Scheduled to speak with Ted is Lt. Cherry with the Community Enforcement Unit of the Portsmouth Sheriff’s office who helped to set up the watch program in Portsmouth.


This meeting will be very informative and will show what happens to crime in a neighborhood when residents and law enforcement work together to reduce crime. Lt Cherry will explain how the program started and the actions from the law enforcement side to help reduce criminal activity. Mr. Lamb will discuss what the residents are doing for their part to reduce criminal activity and how it can work for us also.


Please plan to attend this meeting. As a community, we are the ones responsible for the future of Wards Corner. If we chose to do nothing to help fight crime in Wards Corner and its neighborhoods then we can only blame ourselves for this area’s decline.


4.  Mayor’s Taskforce Update


5.  Committee Reports

                A.  Codes and Public Safety

                B.  Development Committee

                C.  City Connection Committee

6.  Audience Topics for Discussion/ Questions & Answers

7.  Meeting Adjourned


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