Ultimate cost of DePaul will be borne by Norfolk residents

July 10, 2008

Local political blogger, Vivian Paige points out that

Fire Chief Loy Senter brought up the fact that a smaller DePaul hospital with fewer services will result in the routing of emergency patients to a hospital that is further away from them – either Leigh or Norfolk General. That will mean longer wait times for service. Ultimately, Norfolk citizens will have two choices: wait longer or pony up more money for more rescue positions. We all know how that will turn out.

Vivian’s message is the same as ours: Let your voice be heard.  Contact these people and let them know how you feel.

Read Vivian’s entire post for all of her thoughts on the DePaul matter: Depaul removes 30 beds from service


Graffitti meeting scheduled in Denby Park on July 26 10-11a.m.

July 10, 2008

UPDATE July 10, 2008 7:35 p.m.

From: Burley, Galina
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 2:41 PM
Subject: TAG-OUT Graffiti Abatement Pilot Program
Importance: Low

TAG-OUT Graffiti Abatement Pilot Program
To Report Graffiti call 757-664-6510

Graffiti Factoid! The term graffiti comes from the Greek word graphein, which means, “to write”. Graffiti today ranges from simple, one-color monikers (like a nickname), called “tags”, repeated on many surfaces to complex compositions of several colors.

In Norfolk, about 80% of graffiti is tagger graffiti. Graffiti is the most common type of vandalism according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The most effective way to prevent graffiti is to remove it promptly. While this may be difficult, studies show that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence.



Become a Graffiti Spotter! Report areas and locations of graffiti to the Hotline at 757-664-6510. Please include the address of the tagged site/or the closest intersection.

Stop Vandalism – Get a Reward!

Report graffiti vandals and vandalism through the Graffiti Hotline. Graffiti is a crime and violators can be prosecuted. You may be eligible for a reward.

Volunteer! AND Work with Neighbors

Paint Out events
to paint those areas that are routinely “tagged”. The City will provide paint and materials for these events.

Adopt-A-Location–residents choose a location and agree to maintain it graffiti-free for a minimum of three months.

TAG-OUT Captain–act as community liaison for their area and main contact with City staff to ensure paint supplies and materials are available and to help organize events.

Fro more information call 757-823-4210 or email CommunityOutreach@norfolk.gov

Galina Burley, Bureau Manager
Bureau of Community Outreach
400 Granby, 4th floor
Norfolk VA 23510

web – http://www.norfolk.gov/Neighborhoods/

New playground to be built in Denby Park

July 10, 2008

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