Portsmouth Sheriff: “What we do is turn up the heat”

WVEC 13News has done a story on Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson and his Community Enforcement Unit which has had much success in the Cradock area of Portsmouth.  We previously reported on Cradock in our article Cradock is taking Cradock back.  The Sheriff is seeking Portsmouth City Council’s permission to expand the successful program, possibly outside of the City’s borders.

The newsclip reminds viewers that the Partnership meeting this Thursday will include Lt. Cherry with the Community Enforcement Unit of the Portsmouth Sheriff’s office who helped to set up the watch program in Portsmouth.

The 13News video can be viewed here: Community policing cuts crime in Cradock


3 Responses to Portsmouth Sheriff: “What we do is turn up the heat”

  1. RJ Luce says:

    After attending the Craddock Block Watch meeting and seeing the great things the neighborhood residents with the help of the police and the special sherrif’s unit have done I am very hopeful that something along the same lines can be implimented in our area. Please try to come to the meeting and hear what they have done and most importantly what worked for them. Hope to see you there. RJ Luce

  2. beverly sexton says:

    I also attended.It was very interesting.I hope everyone comes with open minds to hear what is working in there city.

  3. Hanli Venter says:

    Now that you are sorting out crime in your Cradock, we invite you to our town, Cradock in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We could do with a little foreign help in getting the Community more involved. They suffer gretaly from AIDS deaths among especially the mothers. With the result that MANY young children ar e being abused by various role players; from aunts who pimp them, uncles, cousins grandfathers who rape them, foster parents who take their grant money and beglect them, etc. We need the rest of the community to speak out. Think about it, come to South Africa, and make a difference

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