Department of Public Works update for Wards Corner

1. Traffic Signal

Upgrading signal at Little Creek Road and Granby and Little Creek and

update (Little Creek

Farm Fresh entrance and associated ADA work. DVP completed

& Granby)(Little

electrical connection to Little Creek & Farm Fresh on 5/7/08. Contractor

Creek and Farm

planning to switch to new signals by 5/9/08. Contractor awaiting

Fresh Entrance)

electrical service to switch from the old signal to the new, at Little Creek


& Granby intersection. New signals projected to be fully operational


within a few weeks. jrs 5/7/08


2. Thole Street

New landscape medians along the 300 & 600 Blocks of Thole St. Bid

Traffic Calming

opening is scheduled for May 20th.

Construction to begin this summer.


arb 5/6/08


3. Curb Ramps

Wards Corner ADA Improvements -Phase III(B) work is incorporated in


the traffic signal upgrade construction plans. Remaining sidewalk and


curb ramp work will be complete once old signal equipment is removed


(Le. all construction complete by the end of this month). arb 5/6/08


CDBG funding allocated for curb ramps at roadway intersections


throughout Titustown. Plans being finalized and public advertisement


scheduled for June with construction to becln late summer. arb 5/6/08

4. Little Creek Rd.

Replacement of the two knocked down overhead sign structures that

& Lankford St.

had the pedestrian crossing signs and flashing yellow lights. The new


installation will have pedestrian push buttons that will actuate the lights


only when pedestrians are present (not 24/7). This type of operation


provides more information to the motorist and increases the level of


safety at the crossing. Contractor work completed. Dominion Virginia


Power electrical service connection scheduled to be completed by


5/20/08. rs 5/7/08


5. Granby St. Mid-

Work completed and operational. jrs 5/08

block crossing north



of Little Creek Rd.



6. Police  2nd

The proposed site is in the Central Business Park. 35% design


drawings have been received. 1/2/08 cpj

7. Monticello

Replacing curb to help drainage issues. Work includes the area


bounded by East and West Glen Roads and Little Creek Road. Work




8. Pedestrian

Signs are in- Working on policy for partnership with business for

Crosswalk signs on

maintenance and safety issues (moving signs that are knocked over or

Louisiana Ave.

pushed into traffic, storm issues etc.) Finalizing policy based on input


from City Atty Office. City Atty office have made final recommendations.


Final to be forwarded to Dir PW. irs


9. Newport Ave –

Moving forward with the first phase of the project. Work includes

Traffic speed study

installation of marked parking lane between Little Creek Rd & Kingsley


Lane and marked bulb … out at Granby Elem School student crossing


location. jrs 5/08


10. Request to redo

Install four, full imprint crosswalks. Funding proposed in FY09 CIP

Crosswalks at Little

budget. Design to be started once budget approved.

Creek Road &



Granby Street similar



to crosswalks in






11. Request to look

Due to the limited traffic signal infrastructure that is currently in place

at pedestrian

and layout of the intersection, a new signal design and geometric

crossing options on

improvements would be necessary. Estimated cost $168,000. Design

East Little Creek

& construction to begin with FY09 budget cycle.

near Fort Worth in



front of church near



interstate off-ramp



12. Repair work in

PW is working with property owners to get concrete driveway aprons

Denby Park

and sidewalk replaced. As part of project focus, driveway and sidewalk


repairs have been assessed by staff. Property owners have been


notified of repairs needed.











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