Altoona television station reports Lt. Todd Cox was killed in a drive-by shooting

May 1, 2008

Lt. Todd Cox’s hometown Altoona, PA. television station, WJAC, reported on April 28th that Lt. Cox was killed in a drive-by shooting. Does this television station know something that we haven’t been told?

WJAC quotes Lt. Cox’s mother, Nancy Cox:

 I was really shocked when they showed up at my door to tell me they had some bad news to tell me about my son. It was very very hard

Nancy Cox said Lt. Cox always would remember his family no matter where he was in the world. She received a package from him the day he was murdered.

She said

I have thimbles from all of the places he was. He always sent me a thimble. And I have all of his cards and his letters

Nancy Cox had planned on visiting her son this summer. She hadn’t seen her son in two years.



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