Downtown section of light rail $14.7 million over budget

May 15, 2008

Several years ago, H.R.T. came to a meeting of the Greater Wards Corner Partnership asking for our support of light rail for Norfolk. We were promised that the second leg of light rail would run through the Wards Corner Business District with a light rail station at the Wards Corner H.R.T. Bus Transfer Station. The Partnership gave its overwhelming support for the light rail project.

For light rail ridership to be successful, lateral bus lines must be near a rail station. Wards Corner would be a natural. Now, we hear that the second leg of light rail will take a different route to the Naval Base; most likely from downtown, past ODU along a Hampton Boulevard route to the Naval Base.

Today, Pilot Online reports that the downtown section of the light rail project is $14.7 million over budget. There is only $29 million in contingency dollars for these kind of events. The downtown section has already eaten up half of the contingency money. Councilman Randy Wright is Council’s representave to H.R.T. Please email him at if you are concerned about this overage.


Site and floor plans for the new Norfolk Collegiate Fine Arts Center

May 15, 2008

We have had several requests for the site and floor plans for the new Norfolk Collegiate Fine Arts Center.

Site and Floor Plans for the Norfolk Collegiate Fine Arts Center

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