Norfolk Collegiate presents plans for its Fine Arts Center to the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force

Norfolk Collegiate Fine Arts Center

Will King, Headmaster of Norfolk Collegiate School, presented plans to the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force for a new Fine Arts Center to be located on the Campus of Norfolk Collegiate’s Upper School. This 31,000 square foot fine arts center will have a 425 seat theater, an on-site student art gallery, classrooms, workshops and practice studios. The facility will be made available at night to the community for a slight charge for security and janitorial services. This is a great addition to the Greater Wards Corner Partnership area. There is a 20 million dollar capital campaign in progress. For information on how to donate to the campaign, contact Norfolk Collegiate’s Director of Development at 757-480-2348.


2 Responses to Norfolk Collegiate presents plans for its Fine Arts Center to the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force

  1. Laura Thom says:

    This is a fabulous gift to the Wards Corner community! Thank you Norfolk Collegiate!!!
    As I mentioned in one of our recent meetings, I think it would be great if at least part of the stone house could be incorporated in to the new building. However, the plans have been drawn up, and this idea is probably unrealistic. So my other suggestion is to allow people to purchase stones from the stone house. This would both help Norfolk Colletgiate raise money, and it would give folks a chance to purchase a little bit of local history.

  2. Tim Smith says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. The stone house is a landmark on Granby. We also lost the little house up by Northside Middle, I guess nothing last forever.
    Maybe the alumni at Norfolk Collegiate will help us to attract developers and investers to redevelop Wards Corner so their $20,000,000.00 Fine Arts Center will survive to give them a good return on thier investment.
    Sure I’ll buy a stone to help the future of my community, maybe two.
    Would it be posable to get the plans posted on this web site?

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