“Developing Wards Corner is right at the top of my list”

Last night at the Holiday Inn Select, Pilot Online reports, Councilman Barclay Winn said in his victory speech

“Developing Wards Corner is right at the top of my list. And we need to work on making sure real estate assessments are equitable.”

Councilman Winn’s leadership is making a difference in the redevelopment efforts of the Greater Wards Corner Partnership Area. 

Councilwoman Daun Hester also was reelected last night. In recent months, Councilwoman Hester has shown a renewed interest in the redevelopment of our area. Her participation in the Mayor’s Wards Corner Task Force is much appreciated and needed.


7 Responses to “Developing Wards Corner is right at the top of my list”

  1. Eric Heard says:

    Conratulations to both Councilman Winn and Councilwoman Hester. I am looking forward to working with you both in the next couple of years to ensure that Wards Corner is one of the best and most thought out development in the state of Virginia. Your participation in the Wards Corner Task Force is vital to its success.

  2. b davis says:

    why has daun hester suddenly shown an interest in our area at election time.i am just dissapointed she was not replaced at a time when the wards corner area needs someone that will fight for us and not someone that has been a road block to progress.

  3. Laura Thom says:

    I trust Mr. Winn will follow through on his promises to Wards Corner. I hope Ms. Hester will finally realize (after 12 years) that it is time for her to listen to the concerns of her constituants — and take heed as well .

  4. Dawn says:

    I voted againest Ms Hester because I thought we needed a new face and change. Well she won,I hope she keeps up the “renewed interest in Wards Corner”.

  5. B Sexton says:

    I have a question.How many people no that mr. albert from second chance is and has moved people into the apartments in the 300 block of San Antinio?On may 1st ms. locknyer had her windows knocked out again the same ones that was knocked on in Feb.This time she caught the woman with the axe in her hand.But police only took her to the mental hostipal and sharon will have to pay again to have them replaced.

  6. B Sexton says:

    I guess mr. Albert did not get the 145,ooo a year job project focus so he will move criminals into denby park .My drug infested crime infested neighbhood that was proven in 2004.Makes a whole lot of sense to me.How about you people out there in computer land?

  7. Tim Smith says:

    Dawn Hester and Barclay Winn, together as a team, have the chance to now make a name for themselves with the follow through of redeveloping Wards Corner and getting a hold on crime in our area. They are two votes on council that the other council members will need to get continued funding for projects in other parts of the city.
    What happens in Wards Corner affects BOTH Super Ward leaders and the Mayor. It would seem redevloping Wards Corner and getting a hold on crime would get the biggest bang for the buck. Norfolk seems to be addicted to Federal and State Grant money and Wards Corner would allow them to get grant money from a number of different agencies to help solve issues with cime, transportation, senior health, housing and education. Norfolk would then have a large area of improvement to show these agencies how well the investment worked, and it would work great.
    The Pilot today, May 10, talked about the fact that Norfolk is seeing a great return on our tax money invested in Downtown. We showed our leaders early on in the Partnership existance that the Titus Town/Wards Corner/Southern Shopping Center corridor was one of the greatest assets Norfolk has to generate larger tax revenues. The only thing the city needs to do is follow through with the promises by our elected officials to redevelop and rid us of crime.
    In the Partnership meetings with Police and city officials we identified the major problems that needed to be corrected and then the growth of Wards Corner would be easy and inexpensive and almost self-sustaining.
    Wards Corner suffers from one thing, we do not fit into a “one thing” catergory. We are not all just poor/rich, black/white, illiterate/educated, young/old; we do not exist inside just one Ward or State District; we do not live in just blighted apartments or expensive homes. We unfortunatly are just what America is all about, a mix of people from evey race, ethnic & religious back ground and every economic & education level trying to live the dream in a country were our elected leaders should be listening to and working for us.
    We should not be reading the e-mails from Denby Park like we see above, there is no reason this should be happening.
    It is time for Norfolk to polish it’s ‘Dimond-In-The-Rough’, Wards Corner.

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