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Vivian J. Paige

Vote today

Posted: 06 May 2008 06:00 AM CDT

VoteLocal elections are being held in Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk today. In Chesapeake and Portsmouth, the elections include the mayor, some city council members and some school board members. In Norfolk, council members from superwards 6 and 7 will be elected.

The Virginian Pilot has put together a voter guide with links to the candidate’s bios and answers to certain questions. Video interviews of the mayoral candidates in Chesapeake and Portsmouth are also available. The polls are open from 6am to 7pm.

With all of the coverage of the national race, these local races have been pretty much under the radar, which is a shame. These are the folks who will be making decisions that effect your every day life. All politics is local. Sorry, but the next president isn’t going to be deciding what your real estate tax rate will be or what your water rate will be. The next president won’t be weighing in on a regional transportation authority. These women and men will. Given the dismal turnout for local elections, your vote really does matter. Don’t let the few make the decision for you. Go out and vote.


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