Murder In Ellsworth Across from DePaul Medical Center

Pilot On Line reports there was a murder in the 100 block of Beverly Avenue in the Ellsworth neighborhood of our Partnership. Ellsworth is located across Granby Street from the Depaul Medical Center. Police were dispatched at 8:09 P.M. There is still no news on motive or the suspect(s).


3 Responses to Murder In Ellsworth Across from DePaul Medical Center

  1. Tim Smith says:

    I hope they find the shooter fast. This sounds like the same situation in Talbot Park I posted on March 20th. My neighbor survived because the criminal was a bad shot.
    Sounds like another gang member just got his colors.

  2. Jim English says:

    How truly sad and unbelieveable this act of violence is that ends in a murder in such a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. My heart and prayers go out to the victims fiancee, her children and his family. I know and trust our police will be on this case until solved. I hope when they catch him or them (assumption on my part) they do us all a favor and take him or them out so he or they doesn’t end up in the court system and then get off because of some silly technicality. I have yet to arm myself for protection of myself and my family but this puts me one step closer to doing just that. We all need to be viligent and report any and all of these scumbags that are infesting our neighborhood. Coincidently as we met last night at the Wards Corner Partnership we heard several gunshots around the same time. Although this happened some distance from the Workforce Development Center one wonders if the lowlife that committed this murder are the same dysfunctional idiots that fired the shots that were somewhere in back of the Workfroce Center. We need to push for the planned police precinct in our area as soon as possible and perhaps that in some way may serve as a deterrent to these immoral creeps.

  3. Eric Heard says:

    I also would like to extend my deepest and heart felt condolances to the family and children of Lt. Cox. They have also become victims due to the latest event of crime in our neighborhood.

    I also pray for a quickresolution to this heinous crime. I donot, however, hope that they take them out. I believe in the justice system in this country. Okay, Mom, may she rest in peace, I’m quoting you, “Two wrongs never make a right under any circumstances.”

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