Norfolk Police Captain McBride transfered

I just received the following email from Norfolk Police Captain Wayne McBride:

Good afternoon,

 As many of you already know, certain members of the command staff are being rotated, I’m returning to the First Patrol Division, and Captain Steve Gallagher will assume command of the Third Patrol Division effective tomorrow. I just wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank each of you for your relentless support. Working together we accomplished much! Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you in the future. 


Godspeed to Captain McBride and much gratitude for all you have done for The Greater Wards Corner Partnership.


5 Responses to Norfolk Police Captain McBride transfered

  1. Elyse Kalfus says:

    Captian McBride I hope this is a big promotion for you because we’re sure going to miss you. Why are they moving personal around?

  2. I heard from the Ghent Business Association today, and they are very upset with Captain McBride’s transfer, as should we.

  3. Joan Griffey says:

    I echo comments I have overheard in the past, Capt. McBride was always professional, courteous, tactful and diligent in his efforts to work with Wards Corner Civic leagues, Taskforce and Partnership. He is a great mentor. We want to believe that this is an advancement in rank for him. Thank you !!

  4. theresa bouchey says:

    You are definitely on of the finest, Captain McBride and surely will be missed. Thank you kindly for your service to our community.

  5. Phyllis Stith-Copeland says:

    Good luck on your relocation–:-)

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