Joan Dalis signs a lease for Wards Corner property

WCmidtownOver a year after completing the new facade at the Midtown Shopping Center, Joan Dalis has finally made a move and signed a lease with a new tenant.

A lease was signed today with Firehouse Subs to enter the Wards Corner market.  They are scheduled to be located to the left of Pearl Vision.

I remain hopeful that Ms. Dalis can move expeditiously in filling the remaining vacancies in the Midtown Shopping Center.


Update: The original title to this entry has been edited as being a bit unprofessional.  Apologies to anyone it offended.


12 Responses to Joan Dalis signs a lease for Wards Corner property

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s about time… now let’s hope the rest get leased out! Once Midtown Shopping Center is filled and the new shipping center is finished and underway then get ready for the resurrection of Wards Corner.

  2. capt.,carl says:

    can we be more supportive of Joan Dalis approach and attempt to lease out her property?? Your remarks are too judgmental and negative. The Dalis family has put up with a lot, her liability insurance premiums would sink the lot of you naysayers. finally the City has found it’s legs and will support positive investment that will be rewarding to one and all. Patience and understanding first – it’s been a long a dark road waiting for cooperation and support. Ask Louie (Louis). Now who has input on the upcoming installation of Public Art? I hope the Wards Corner Business can have input and over sight. Viva Wards Corner the Gateway to Norfolk’s future!! Free parking!!

  3. mykicks says:

    Amen! I think Norfolk has more than enough negativity to go around. “Hell freezes over” does not endear any further progress….asshole….. See? Words have an impact.

  4. Dawnc says:

    Wow,you two must be on their payroll!To say Joan Dalis has not been progressive over the YEARS is an understatement! Must be nice to be able to set on property and not worry about the rent…

  5. Joan Griffey says:

    What a wonderful Christmas surprise! We have been looking at papered over windows for the past year….waiting for those empty storefronts to be occupied. Come to the WC Civic League and WC Taskforce to learn about public art and the state of the business area. We have been working at it since year 2000. We need committed, interested people to join the team. BTW, Have you noticed the holiday decorations in the shopping center across Granby?????

  6. tootsie says:

    everyone should just be glad spaces are filling..Keep the anger to yourself….you know that song..”why do you have to be so mean” by Taylor Swift…learn to love not hate!! The world would be a better place for sure!
    there will be more tennants coming and i sure hope we get another reastaurant like Uncle Louies..we miss it sooo! someone out there will thrive( $$$$ ) with that type of food and atmosphere.

  7. Donna says:

    I thought the heading was quite appropriate (and funny). The largest store in her complex has been unrented for some 15 – 20 years! I knew someone who tried to rent it 7 years ago and her representatives wouldn’t give them the time of day. What good does it do our community to have SO MANY empty storefronts? Rent out the spaces or sell the property! Problem solved.

  8. Stan Raciborski says:


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  9. John Knight says:

    This is GREAT news! Firehouse Subs is a perfect addition to the area. I plan on eating there often and am hungry just thinking about it. This franchise will likely be one of their top performers. The K&K shopping center and road improvements are also coming along nicely. 2014 is going be a wonderful year for Ward’s Corner!

  10. Ramona says:

    I’m glad someone is finally allowed to rent out a space but I’m not going to give Joan Dalis a pass until I see more things getting done. One store in 15 years opening up is SAD.

  11. Paula says:

    The title was unprofessional. I am very excited to have Firehouse Subs in the neighborhood. I’m thrilled that Ms. Dalis made this move. I want her to know that although yes there has been a good bit of frustration because her shopping center sitting mostly empty does have an economic and social impact on the area, I do appreciate her leasing this parcel out, and look forward to other great businesses filling in the rest of the shopping center.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Can anyone comment on movement toward increased safety in the area? E.g., ATC fitness at Midtown Shopping Center is so conveniently located, but after dark, Ward’s Corner still feels uncomfortable.

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