Results of Norfolk Tea Party 2 survey are in – Councilman Don Williams fares poorly

A crowd estimated at 200 attended a meeting of the Norfolk Tea Party 2 on Saturday at the Banque to hear the results of the Norfolk Citizens Survey. The crowd was reserved as it listened to Larry Gregory eloquently elaborate on the results of the survey. When the results were revealed to the question “Are your City Council representatives doing a good job?”, Councilman Don Williams fared the worst of all the Council members. He received a 74% “NO” vote and a 13% “Yes” vote. Council representatives Daun Hester, Barclay Winn and Randy Wright were in attendance. Virginian-Pilot staff writer Harry Minium was accused by Councilwoman Daun Hester for ruining City Manager Regina Williams reputation because of his stories on Alphonso Albert and the Human Services Department audit. Read Harry Minium’s article in the Virginian-Pilot or Pilot Online.  Brian Smith is to be congratulated and thanked for running a well orchestrated and effective meeting of the Tea Party.


2 Responses to Results of Norfolk Tea Party 2 survey are in – Councilman Don Williams fares poorly

  1. Eric says:

    If the truth ruins the reputation of the city manager than so be it. The event of the hiring of Albert is scandalous and lacking in proper judgement. A homeless person in this city cannot stay in a shelter if they are honest about being a felon. In addition, you cannot become a policeman if you are a felon. Need I say more? Good thing this was swept under the rug. Don’t ask for something…you might just get it.

  2. Joan Griffey says:

    Sad but true, low opinions for our Council because their constituents and neighborhoods became a low priority.

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