Message from Wards Corner Civic League President, Jim English

February 6, 2008

Jim English is the president of the Wards Corner Civic League.  February’s Wards Corner Civic League newsletter includes the following message from Mr. English:

Dear Neighbors,
Two articles in the Virginia Pilot dated February 6, 2008 really raised my frustration level with our city and state elected leaders to the point where I almost think our government “for the people, of the people and by the people” is indeed broken. I already believe that it is broken at the federal level. Article one says that SB 162, SB 163 and HB 119 which would give localities more power to deal with blighted vacant property is on hold this year to be studied by the Virginia Housing Commission prior to next years general assembly session. Once again the general assembly has clearly dodged their responsibility to give localities more tools to revitalize blighted areas showing once again they lack the political will to represent the citizens of Virginia in lieu of yet another “study”. The second article “city to acquire 11 homes in blighted area” is about the city councils approval on February 5th to buy homes in the Berkley and Campostella neighborhoods for $1.3 million. HELLO!! What about the blighted properties in the Greater Wards Corner Partnership area. We have 11+ houses and properties that should be acquired such as the blighted shopping center in the Northeast corner of Wards Corner!! Where are the council members representing our area? Out to lunch? Or out of town? Where is the political will to deal with the decline of the Wards Corner area that has been going downhill for way over 15 years? I am sure that those properties in Berkley and Campostella are blighted and that area needs attention but what about our area. Is help on the way??

Well, last week Mayor Fraim delivered his State of the City address. The following are quotes from that address. Read the rest of this entry »


Project Focus – two down, another comes

February 6, 2008

First there was Alphonso Albert, then there was Assistant City Manger Marcus Jones, now according to an email just received from Beverly Sexton, we have a new leader for Project Focus in Denby Park, Assistant City Manager Barbara Lai. Project Focus is truly magical. “Hocus Focus”, POOF!!! a new leader appears.

Norfolk buys homes in blighted area –just not in Wards Corner

February 6, 2008

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Norfolk is purchasing 11 blighted homes in the Berkley and Campostella neighborhoods for 1.3 million.  Still no sign of any real action in Denby Park/Monticello Village.

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