Wards Corner mentioned in Mayor’s State of the City

February 2, 2008

Yesterday, Mayor Paul Fraim mentioned Wards Corner in his State of the City address. The Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center, a city recreation center used by all the citizens of Norfolk, continues to be used as an example of the City’s commitment to help revitalize Wards Corner. Below are the Mayor’s Wards Corner remarks in his State of the City Address:

The City Council continues to be concerned with Wards Corner, but everyone

should be encouraged by recent private and public activity and investment.

For example, S. L. Nusbaum has begun site work on the SouthWind Apartments

– a $15 million development in Denby Park on property formally occupied by a trailer

park – while along Newport Avenue Collins Enterprises begins construction this quarter

on an $80 million townhouse/condominium project.

The City’s Development Department is actively engaged with Wards Corner

property owners on plans to redevelop their properties, and we are confident of a positive


Since 2005 the city has invested more than $13 million dollars on the Greater

Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan – for purchase of the Fitness and Wellness Center,

streetscape improvements, strategic property acquisitions, rehabilitation programming

and traffic control improvements.

Police presence has been increased in Denby Park and Monticello Village, and

code enforcement activities have been stepped up.

These are all signs of progress, but we know more needs to be done. The Council

is determined to revitalize this important part of the city.


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