Denby Park murderer pleads guilty

Alton Joe “AJ” Lacy, pictured to the right, was first reported on by WardsCornerNow back on September 13, 2009 and September 18, 2009 when he was wanted for the murder of Troy A. Booker.

Booker, who was 22 years old, was murdered in the 300 block of Fort Worth Avenue in Denby Park.

The Virginian-Pilot now reports:

A dispute and threats among street cocaine dealers led to a September 2009 fatal shooting and a guilty plea to second-degree murder and a firearm charge Thursday in Circuit Court.

Alton Joe “AJ” Lacy Jr,, 30, admitted to shooting twice at Troy Booker, 22, on Fort Worth Avenue in Denby Park. Booker died at the scene; a bag containing crack cocaine was found on him, according to facts stipulated to in court.

Lacy told police he had been selling cocaine in the area and that, after threats and attacks on previous days, he believed it was “him or me,” according to the stipulation.

Sentencing was scheduled for March 26, according to online court records.


3 Responses to Denby Park murderer pleads guilty

  1. Jeff says:

    Two more Drug Dealers off the street, one permanently. Good deal for the Taxpayers.

  2. Teria Cradle says:

    troy was a friend and a fimilar face on the block i was there wen every thing happend ,it’s sad not seeing his face but he in a better place troy i miss you ,we all do!!! R i P

  3. JOANN says:

    Aj is my baby brother. I’m sorry for all the pain he has caused,but AJ is my blood and I love him and I pray for them both.

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