Wards Corner Task Force meetings characterized as “shouting matches”

Staff writer Harry Minium has characterized some Wards Corner Task Force meetings as “shouting matches” in his what’s in a name” article in today’s Virginian-Pilot. Having attended most Wards Corner Task Force meetings, I have never experienced a “shouting match”; must have happened at a meeting, that I missed.


5 Responses to Wards Corner Task Force meetings characterized as “shouting matches”

  1. Jim English says:

    Thank you Harry for the article. While I do appreciate Harry Miniums report on the history of the name of Wards Corner and the exposure it brings to this deteriorating area, I must say that I have never witnessed any “shouting matches” at any of the numerous monthly Task Force meetings that I have attended faithfully over the past 8 years. The residents of the Greater Wards Corner area are above such counter productive decorum. We are much too classy for such trashy behavior. While all of the residents of this area are extremely frustrated with the lack of leadership displayed by our area city council representatives and the lack of attention given by the city managers office in implementing the Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan we realize that such “slugfests” accomplish little and are counter productive in our efforts to revitalize this ever increasing blighted area. We instead will most likely “shout” louder with our votes in future council elections.

  2. Jim, I could not have posted a better comment than what you entered.

  3. John Knight says:

    This story portays a larger inaccuracy. Mr. Minium states that “competition from other shopping centers has left many storefronts vacant and run-down”. With the exception of the Joan Dalis property, most spaces are rented. The only reason that Midtown Shopping Center (aka The Martone Building) is not rented is because Ms. Dalis will not rent to anyone new while at the same time raising some rents. The building would appear, and actually be, far less run down if it were leased. I have business owners stop in my store weekly to inquire about renting one of the vacant properties. Even though the location is great, I have finally stopped encouraging them to pursue renting in our shopping center because they will only get the run-around from Larry Hecht at Harvey Lindsay. Unfortunately, we will probably never see this truth printed in The Pilot…

  4. beverly sexton says:

    I for one thank mr. Harry Minium for the report in the paper.But the fact is the people in denby park need help now.Today my back door neighbor called me in tears.A group of 6-7 young adults was laughing on the sidewalk .Two of her new windows was broken out and one young adult had a pole in his hand.She lives in the 300 block of SanAntinio.My husband secured the windows for her but will be probally two days before anything can be done.So she probally will not sleep.Plus she has lived in that house since 1973 .She is fed up .I do not have the answers but willing to help in anway i can.But i beg please help us .NOW NOW NOW

  5. Laura Thom says:

    I, too have attended many task force meetings and have NEVER witnesses any shouting matches. Yes, folks are pretty upset about the way Wards Corner has been discriminated against by our city council; however, there has never been any shouting amongst our Task Force attendees.

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